The Afterglow of HOUSE...

Dancing that is!

Hey Family How are you doing this day? Me? I am fine thank you for asking. Today on my F.B. Feed these series of Pictures popped up. I love them they remind me of where I was at in 2014, 2015 and where I currently am at 2016. So in tribute to these memories and pictures and Let us travel back in time. To a few what I wore on This day in HOUSING.

1st set of Pictures WIW
Tem and I went out dancing and we chased the sun home I mean we literally spent the rest of the time talking and watching the sun rise.

We will start with the 1st Picture This is a representation of what I wear when I go out HOUSE Dancing:
Camouflage Hat- this is a custom made one of a kind hat from husband and wife designers Step-n-Ty. This hat is full of goodness multiple pockets. I can stick my keys and money in the pockets of the hat when dancing.

Earrings- Thrifted I love dangling earings because I love the feel of the movement when dancing.

Grey Tank Top-purchased from a local cheap store for about $4 I bought 3 in multiple colors. It has a shark bight hem.

Mesh Top-Thrifted

Camouflage shorts with ties on the side-Thrifted

Boots- Love these and have them in multiple color ways paid about $20 each

Knee High Socks- Thick socks for HOUSE dancing so that I will not bet blisters while dancing.

2nd Set was from 2015 "on this day"This is what I wrote back then:
I love Camo and animal print apparently. Went to the Daley Plaza to HOUSE glad I brought my camel pack for water and gator aid and took a taxi back to work instead of waking. I think I lost 2lbs.
I get to work in the heart of Downtown Chicago and I love my career and being able to go to free events.Like this HOUSE EVENT.

Camo/Animal print Head Scarf Thrifted

Camo Tank Top

Prescription Sun Glasses

3rd Set was from 2014 ":on this day" This is what I wrote back then:

Ok, truth time I about lost my mind I thought I was 16 again and jacked my body with a fine man. Then I almost passed out. So thankful for Traci Williams my house buddy. This the face of 3hr Dehydrated House lol. But I went hard until the end. Look at that hair. Lol.

I wore a short overall set and lovely jewelry. My hair was just taken down from dreadlocs that my sister helped me unloc.

Jewelry was all custom made.

Of course I included a picture of Tem. Because what has changed is that I have a partner who can keep up and surpass me in dancing to the rhythm that is HOUSE.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment or just Lurk all are appreciated.

Bonus pictures of murals


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Sunday in The Park...

Hey Family,
Well what a beautiful weekend it was the the Chi. The sun was shinning the weather sky hot and a bit of rain and clouds for the topper. I had a chance to go to church this past Sunday and had a beautiful 2nd date with Tem. We decided to go to a local park and spend the day there. I am a Army veteran and I love this park. It is just a beautiful place to remember all those who sacrificed and just to have a great time enjoying the atmosphere.

It is interesting how life comes full circle isn't it? A couple of people have said to me"who are you?" There is this book I read a long time ago it is called Return To Love. There is a passage in the book that says:

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
—Marianne Williamson

I just wanted to encourage you as well as myself to stay your course. I find joy and fulfillment in my corner of the blogesphere and I celebrate those who enjoy theirs as well. It is not easy to put yourself out here like that. Slowly but surely I am owning that I am a Blogger as well as a Thrifter. I have someone in my life that encourages the creative part of me and that I can in return encourage. I step out on faith everyday. What do you do that feeds your creative soul? I work in a tech field and try to have a well rounded life.

I combined an outfit that I have posted about before on the blog my cat
skirt. This piece was custom made and purchased from (H.O.T) House of
Tem and my Mesh peplum top was thrifted a couple of years ago. I also
found one of these babies in black.

Tem is also a thrifter and a High End Custom Fashion Designer. I am including a few pictures of myself and Tem well because he is the Guy that takes all of the wonderful Cat Pictures of us.

Details about my fit:
House of Tem (H.O.T.)
Custom made Maxi Cat Skirt with pockets
Shoes I found 2 pair 1 in black for the rain (Salvation Army)
Mesh Peplum Top 2 from Unique 1 in black (Unique Closed)
Pink Tank
Mesh Belt (Salvation Army)
Earrings (Thrifted)

Tem's Thrifted Pieces:
Kangol Hat Thrifted/Gifted from me
Denim Button Down
Sunglasses (Fleek Market Find)

P.S. I've been thrifting for years so I don't always remember where or when a thrift was from unless it was extra special.


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Revisiting the Wall...Mural

Hey Family,

On this day it was a beautiful time the sun was
shining and I was out for the weekend. I love summer in the Chi the
events and the colors. I have finally been able to get my summer
wardrobe in some type of order. Truly this has been the best summer for
my thrifted wardrobe.

Today I chose to wear my camouflage
jumpsuit. I remember the day I went to purchase it. I was going to a
garage sale the day was in April. We had a mix of Rain/Sleet/Snow/Hail
but I'm a THRIFTER we don't let weather stop us. lol. The family was wonderful we just talked and talked and talked and shopped.

They Family was raising funds for the grandparents trip to a family
reunion. They had wonderful plus size items and I was a thrift glutton.
I am a beautiful size 18 or 2x sometimes 1x I bought 3x and some 4x.
Knowing I was not going to get them altered but they were so beautiful.
I wound up donating the Items to a local charity.

Note to self: Do not over buy or over spend.

I have worn this jumpsuit it is one of my favorites and fits like a
glove. On this day I choose to wear it with a denim Chapeau black
fashion combat boots and my wonderful cuff and neck piece gift set from
Tem. We just had a regular day of running errands and relaxing. Oh I
ran into what I am considering our wall. Because good things happen
when we randomly see it.

This wall we passed by a couple of months ago and how things have changed sense then.  So I included a picture from that time and now. 

Jumpsuit $3 Garage Sale
Hat Thrifted old
Fashion Combat Boots $3 Yard sale

Neck piece


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Ge'le Day...

Hello Family,

Sometimes I want to say: "Is this thing on" I wonder if I write these post only for myself. My friends say I overshare. I know that I need to find my balance. It is a fine line of what you want to share on social media pages. Sometimes I just feel like writing "Dear Thrift in Time Diary" lol I hope everyone had a great weekend and the week is being kind to them.

Gele day is something that is kind of near and dear to my heart. The background on Gele Day, Create. Live. Be-YOU-tiful.
Celebrating Gele Day, natural beauty, sisterhood and community The WRAP your be-YOU-ty movement began in 2012 with the inaugural Gele Day celebration events held during summer solstice. We honor the the natural beauty of all women and inspire them to wear their beauty boldly.

I have been part of the Gele Day Movement sense 2015. I am and have been on a journey to self and awareness. I am very early on my journey but when I finish my journey I will have passed into the next life. I wanted to share with you the pictures from that day. My outfit and blue bodysuit was created by Tem (H.O.T.) House of Tem. I also used a thrifted head wrap and gold tennis shoes and earings that were also thrifted.

I really wanted this outfit to work with a head wrap. I need to be able to go into water and have a quick dry fabric. I felt so special in it. I felt as if This was a fit that was all together me. I watched as Tem sewed and created this custom made outfit. I love it, love it, love it.

On this day I was also asked to be a Brand Ambassador for the House of Tem (H.O.T.) I am very happy to represent such a beautiful and well custom crafted brand.

As always thank you for reading and looking or commenting but comments are always welcome.


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Somewhere over the Double rainbow...

Hello Family! Longtime no virtually see.

We chased a rainbow today. Well, actually yesterday. It was not just one but a double rainbow it must be a sign of things looking up or bright days ahead.

I'm just over here singing to myself I can see clearly now the rain
is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way......Its gonna be a bright,
bright sun shiny day.

When Obstacles are weighing us down and
we have no choice but to move forward. We can in fact endure and move
through valley experiences. We can choose to clean house and we can
choose to see the Double Rainbow.

So, My last post was about going for a stroll with Tem. Tem is my good,good friend who on last Friday asked me out officially foe the next day Saturday. Yes, singing "you dropped a bomb on me baby, you dropped a bomb on me" What? I'll get to that in a bit.

Tem and I went to an art gallery last night the Artwork was amazing and of course so was the pictures. Tem is truly a creative muse to me and I him. So the 1st set of pictures will be the ones from the art studio and rainbow chase. Lol

What I wore:
pair of denim jeans
tan Combat fashion boots
purple top
Denim vest
 purple earrings

The day before we just hung out at the local supermarkets and enjoyed each others company.

What I wore:
Dress from the Fleek Market
Combat fashion boots

Saturday night -Official date night

Thrift in Time & House of Tem: 1st "official" date

So I want to show these outfits that were thrifted and gifted with intentional love and kindness of Kings & Queens.

My look was created by (H.O.T.) Tem's House
House of Tem (H.O.T.)
Bouste spikes and roses
Skirt aligatior and tulle

Thrift in Time
Denim jacket thrifted
Boots friday sale day on Sassy Thrifters

Tem's look thrift and custom made by Tem
Hat custom made by Tem
Pinstripe jacket thrifted
Tuxedo aligatior pants custom made by Tem
Ascot made by Tem
Shoes Double monk straps bought on sale Tem
Tuxedo shirt thrifted by Tem

Tem created our 1st date outfits and officially asked me out on this past Saturday. We have been on a journey together for sometime now and it is directly a result of Sassy Thrifters and Tameka Grant. Sister Queen we both love you very much.

We, Tem and I are thrifty by existence and we are thankful that the Great I AM saw fit to put us together. He sees me, all of me and I see all of him.

Tem and I hung out at an artist crawl the friday before and after that was over he asked me out on an official date. I pretty much said no because we are friends among other things and our group dynamic would shift if we did this. I told Tem I would rather have him as a friend for life than eventually break up and have nothing.

Tem had the perfect response. Well now here we are. So I've included garments Tem has made for me in the past and as we move forward pray for us. Our dynamic has shifted.

Anyway, what is life but an adventure

As always thank you for the comments and viewing.

Tem creates all of his own clothes and I love that he took the time to find out what I truly loved and created both of our fits for our 1st date.


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The Stroll.......

Happy Friday Family!

Ah, The week has been short but, so full.

So last night a friend invited me to take a stroll in Downtown Chicago.

I thought to myself. "What does one wear to take a stroll? "

I've been for walks but, this was a grown type of thing. Lol

I decided I wanted to elevate my look but still be me.

I had to really think because it has been in the 90s in Chicago lately even with the sun going down. We had a grand time strolling along the Magificant Mile. I saw some new to me areas and we'll we had a grand time.
Although I don't have pictures of myself strolling my sister was kind enough to take pictures before I left. I also took a picture of the Mural on the Mesume of Contemporary Art.

Thank you Desiree. My sister reads my blog. Lol

What I wore:
strapless denim dress (allows airflow )
Silk Knit sweater (this felt retro romantic)
Silk hat (loves this)
Gladiator Shoes (I have these in multiple colors)
Earings (artist made)

As always thank you for looking,commenting and or stopping by. You are always appreciated.


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Textiles & Frabics

Hey Family how are you all this Tuesday morning?

Me, I'm sitting in my car posting 15 minutes before I start work. Work has been super busy but, I'm handling it. I love that I get to have a creative outlet like this blog and the family.

So I recently went on a trip to a beautiful Textile & Fabric shop. I got to go with my friends Tem, Jarod, and Angela. I love having clothing made and on this day Tem and I were picking fabric to make for event I have coming up.

The store was filled with so many goodies it has 3 huge floors and every kind of fabric and notion you could think of and some you could not. We took lots of pictures.

Textile & Fabric has been in the Chi for over 40 years and this was my 1st time going. Tem, whom we call the Fashioner has created some of my most beautiful  & dressy garments I've posted. Angela is a seamstress and Jared well he loves clothing and works in the Fashion industry among other things.

So my outfit was purchase at what is called a Fleek Market. It is an indoor outdoor flee market. It was like $15 I used the top as a head wrap and put on a tank underneath because it is deliciously hot in the Chi. Everything else is thrifted.

As always thank you for look commenting or both. Comments are always welcome.


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