Saying goodbye to 2016

Hey Family I know I have not been posting much sleeping and eating have been priority #1.

This has been such a great year. I feel as if each year is getting better and better. So many valley and mountain top experiences. I would not trade any of them. Without one there could not be the other.

Thank you all for sharing part of my fashion and private journey and if the Good Lord wills I'll see you all next year.


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It's the final count down!!!!!

Who remembers that song?

I love it.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.

Today we are officially 6 months and 1 day. I'm so happy looking back time seems to have flown. After the holiday and then the president of our university gave us 2 weeks off for the holiday will be spring and little nugget will be born.

I've worn all of this before just remixing. Love the greens.

Cowell Neck Sweater

Beautiful Designed 1 of a kind Dress:
Creative Flow by Oshun Bey.

You can continue to rock your style at any Age.


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About Last Night...

Hey Family,

You ever felt like one chapter of your life was closing or that a season was ending?

Well that was how I felt last night. I went to a wonderful event a joint venture of Sassy Thrifters & FARFALLA Girls charity event.
After that I went to "try" to find a HOUSE (dance) event but got so lost even with my GPS.

As I was driving around the streets of Chicago slowly. I kept thinking this is me bidding a farewell to the life I knew for the past 5 years for now. I also thought how thankful and greatful I've been to meet such exceptional people along my journey. I'm so humbled that GOD gas provided me with so much grace and mercy.

I always wonder. Who am I? What have I done to deserve your grace and mercy? Lord knows I'm far from perfect. Life has been so full of ups and downs. I'm literally taking one day at a time because it's easier for me right now.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this whole life & fashion journey you are much appreciated.

Know that transition happens always. It's how we decided to flow into that transition.

I never did make it to the HOUSE event. I went home instead to think about the next season and moving forward.

The whole fit was thrifted.
I was able to find a dress that was a plus size pregnancy dress I really like it.

As always all are welcome.


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A day at the Fleek Market...

Hey Family,

What do Thrifters wear to thrift?

I say anything we want too. I went to an event this past Sunday called Fleek Market. It was the last one of the year. The event is held monthly from April thru December with free entry and 40+ vendors.

Currently we are excited and expecting a little baby nugget so I went on a mission. My mission was,to find baby clothing. Of course my sister and I are thrifting her whole wadrobe.

I walked away with 3 large bags of baby clothes for $40.

Mission accomplished!!!!!

Thrift or Thrifty $$$

Camouflage Hat - Foreman Mills $3
Earings bought at The Fleek -$5
Sweater Top/blouse - City Trends $6
Strech belt -$2 Salvation Army
Denim Maternity jeans-Goodwill-$4
Leggings cut and worn on arms - Salvation Army $1

Denim bag custom made- Creative Flow by Shay

Total $21 for complete fit. You know how we do to get creative.


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I had to share...

We're having a GIRL.

Hey family!

So I was gonna wait until Monday but, I could not contain my joy. So here we are literally right after the Ultrasound 5 months 22 weeks and 1 day. Little nugget is gonna be as silly as her mommy.

Her hobbies include:
1 ) running from ultrasound cameras.
2 ) flips and swimming when trying to monitor heartbeat.
3)blowing bubbles, lots a lots of bubles.

Almost every picture 13 in all had her blowing bubbles.

In order to get the pictures I had to finally lay on my side it was so funny.

Let's see on to the clothing. I've worn this peplum top before. I chose to layer my denim cold shoulder button up top underneath. Denim jeggins and new winter boots from Payless men's section they are snow boots but they look good. My black jacket was a moto and so comfy cute.

My new coat with room for expansion is just what I needed in our blizzard. The snow is really coming down. I saw the Top of this outfit in a inspiration photo. I wanted the wool hat but it did not look right on my head. In wanting to wear jewelry less and less.

After the Dr's appointment I had errands to run. And I got to participate in another Veterans event. This time for women. 100 women from Navy, Army, Airforce, Marine, and Coast Guard. The event was called Pretty Purses Honoring women Veterans. It was an amazing event.

I was so blessed. I love volunteering and communing with my Sisters in Arms. It is so empowering. One Veteran made the most beautiful hand crafted quilt. Red white,and blue and I was blessed to receive it for little nugget.

Last picture is the inspiration photo.

Well I guess that is it for now. Thank you all so much once again.


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Little Nugget a growth in progress ...

My, my,my, how the time certainly moves swiftly when you look back.

Today I'm officially 22 weeks almost there with little nugget. I wanted to share my what I wore for the past 21 weeks. As most know my "fashion sense " has not been the traditional but, I've found a warm and welcoming community here. I've been very grateful every step of my journey. So thank you all for journeying with me.

Pic. 1-
We start with the 1st Picture I was the M.C. at a Thrift Fleek Market event and Fashion show. I could barely contain my secret doing a few of those HPT and only telling 1 person. Really enjoyed this fit. If one style could describe me. I would say my love of the peplum top. I don't think I will ever tire of them. Tem made this fab skirt and my body started to change so very quickly.

Pic. 2-
Suprise we are having a real person. Barely visible but, there is little nugget. Strong heartbeat and 1st Dr's visit. Simple denim dress minimum jewelry but, oh baby those pleather boots with lucite heels! My favorite alas I will be passing them on to another person. As Angie says. "Dress for the life you have." I'm trying to do that now.

Here comes the peplum again. This time with my supper wide Bells. These pants are some kind of lycra so comfy yet dressy.

Pic. 4-
Starting to feel not so much like me. Everthing was happinng so fast and it starts to reflect in what I wore. I think I was falling into a funk. Still looking cute tho. Lol

There was a bit of a break between 4-5. I was trying to find my center in everthing and my 1st real day off was Veterans day. I voluntered at a wonderful handcrafted hat store called Sconi Wear and my friend hand crafted me 2 beatific dresses. The 1st I wore on This day.

Pic. 6-
Full on thrift. Really enjoyed this whole Veterans weekend and I think it reflects in what I wore.

Pretty in Pink! The only pink thing I have in my whole wadrobe. Well, my whole house but, I love it so much. Again this was worn to church on sunday. Made by my friend Oshun Bey and my custom made hat made by Sconi.

Female version of Shaft. Another thrifted look on a Windy day. With my pleatather thrifted jacket and Combat boots.

Custom and thrifted. Overalls were made for me before baby. I call this finding my stride. Loved this fit and baby was really growing.

Overalls are my thing. Beautiful fall day.

Pic.11 & 12-
Church vintage. Strech is a pregnant woman's friend. This dress goes with everthing. It will last the whole winter. I felt like such a lady. Little nugget is growing so big.

Pic 13-
Little nugget and overalls once again. Drop crotch harem overalls to be exact made by Tem.

Pic 14
Is out of order forgive me. I had to include it this thrifted cashmere cape is everything and Tem to the rescue once again creating pregnancy pants with that belly panel for me.

Community baby shower. Late night out for this soon mom to be. Lol.

Pic 16-
So just 4 more months to go.

Thank you all once again for rocking steady with me. GOD willing the rest of this journey will go well. If so we will be introducing little nugget to the world mid to late april.

Until next time. Thanks Family.


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Drop Crotch Harem Overalls...

Hey Family,

This was a fit I wore on Sunday to church and for the rest of the day.

Tem made this for me because we dance to House Music and you need roomy cute clothing to stomp around in and they just so happen to fit my baby bump at 21 weeks.

I guess you could call these drop crotch harem overalls. I think I'm getting addicted to the overalls look. Tem will be making me 2 more in a denim pinstripe and a brown denim that are adjustable. I cannot wait for them.

Tem also made my cute leopard print fitted skull cap the sweater I had on was cute but looking at the pictures from the side and the back. I'm going to need to retire it until after I have little nugget and get back to a weight I'm comfortable at. The top is a find with cashmere and leather patches at the shoulder with a slight cowl neck.

My boots are by Tom's and they are comfortable and colorful this was before the major snow hit. My jacket is just a vest the sleeves were cut from and it's pretty warm for making that quick trip to and from the car.

Last but not least my sister who takes most of my pictures and a side view of little nugget. We will be 22 weeks on saturday. I included the Hammer Pants because El Cee posted it on another fun thread I read eariler about what needs to stay in the past. The link is posted below.

I was thinking about doing a recap about what I wore while pregnant. What do you think?

As aways thanks for reading.

Custom made:
House of Tem
Drop crotch harem overalls
Skull cap

Vest jacket.

Link to other thread:


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This is my HAPPY FACE...

Hello family,

I think this will be the most dressed down you will ever see me. I usally don't wear T-shirts but my favorite and only sister bought me this one. I took my oldest neice to see this movie back in the day and it was an instant favorite. Lilo & Stich. My face is not always smiling the road has been difficult but this right here made my day. When I see it I smile.

Saturday I attended a community baby shower thrown by the Thrifting group I belong to. I've mentioned them a couple of times. They are like a real life YLF. Well, I had a great time. Given that I'm in bed by 8:00 at night I ook my prenatal vitamins late so I could stay up late.

The premise of the Community Baby Shower was to celebrate mom's to be in our Thrift community. All were welcome to bring a dish, donate new or gently loved items, to just come out and celebrate and support. Many women from all walks of life get together and just support each other when asked in the local Chicago land area. I had a great time we had 5 women we celebrated myself included.

2 mom's were pregnant twins 2, 2 mom's were pregnant 1 boy and 1 a girl well, me I don't know what little nugget will be. I was the oldest at 42 and the only 1st time mom to be. Basically it was a celebration of life and each other we could participate and clothing and gifted items were distributed evenly. I received a whole bunch of unisex clothing or gender neutral. I'm not all for that blue for boy or pink for girl stuff. So I was fine with that.

What I wore. A head wrap made from a cut up maxi skirt. It was not my best efforts but I was okay with that. My hand knitted sweater. It is so warm and fuzzy it was my mom's and I love it. Denim leggings, Denim flats very comfortable and my Lilo & Stich T-shirt.

As always we like comments. Good bad in different are Always welcome.

Currently watching the snow come down and resting with my new footies.


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