Reflections of wadrobe Happiness...

I started to think about this sparked by others like the beautiful thread Sterling wrote.

My work clothing as professional as it is for my career is both armor and uniform. While it is serviceable neat and clean. It sparks not one ounce of joy or happiness. Because I have to tone down who I am at work. It's a professional environment and that is what I have to be.

On the other hand.

When away from work and on weekends LEDONNA IS IN FULL BLOOM. That is the real me. The Quirky creative happy joyous one whom is loud and vibrant. I express all of this in passion in my clothing and how I live my life.

I bring elements of who I am to the table at work but not my full self.

My career can be very stressful and very demanding. No place was this more evident than when I became pregnant. In a classic male dominated field. I was transfered "for my own good" an extra 1hr commute away. Making my drive time 2 hrs. Bringing on high blood pressure swelling daily and streefull responses such as frustration and a bit of anger and resentment.

As soon as I was assigned bed rest. No working. My stress went away not really overnight but because there was no pressure I was able to do and wear what made me feel happy.

My BP again comes to mind. My Dr's the nurse and even I was suprised at how low my pressure was and how content and happy babby nugget was also.

So in retrospect i know i cannot let my job stress me and find a way to incorporate a bit more fun into it. Maybe now having a baby will also expand my joy.


A day out at play.

Hey Family!

Saturday was the 1st time in 5 months I've been out. I had an OBGYN appointment on Saturday morning and got the all clear from her to have a good day just take it easy.

So I got my life lol. I had so much fun. My world kind of narrowed with being pregnant with baby nugget and winter in the Chi. Spring called for an awakening. I heard Diana Ross singing "I'm coming OUT" in my head all day.

I had 2 Dr's appointments and a early Thrift Tea Brunch celebrating Mother's Day. Later in the evening i went to a jazz set where I met up with family and friends. Inbetween events I had about 3-4 hrs of sleep. Babby Nugget and i had a great day. I was able to introduce her to part if my world.

The Brunch was so much fun. This is the 2nd Annual event and I was afraid i was going to miss it. It is a highlight of the beginning of spring for me. Women coming together on one accord to celebrate each other. What i like to say this is the stuff they don't put on the news.

I wore a fit I talked about eariler on here aking opinions about. Its a short set with a long train or skirt attached. I posted a few weeks ago but my baby bump has turned into a baby mountain. I think the fit still worked.

Accessories included all thrifted red boots a beautiful hat (That i gave to another lady at the event becausr it fit her so well) silver earrings and a wrist cuff. The dress short had a deep v that i was not comfortable with so i wore a blue tank underneath.

The last event was a jazz blues set with family and friends. So it was a bit rainy and cold so I wore the same thing minus the hat. I changed into my vivid green headwrap.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a great day

1-15 Thrift Tea Brunch

16-21. Jazz Blues set


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Sunday Slay: Feeling Casually Elegant...

I must say I LOVED this fit. I had been thinking about this combination from the time it was suggested. One thing I really enjoy is shopping my closet. I can just reach in and try it on.

I wore this to church and felt like I was walking the runway in my driveway. Lol I can see this becoming a winning easy look for spring and the weather in Chicago was perfect for it. Spring time just right.

I had to shop for nothing and I've worn all these pieces before here. I really felt pulled together with very little effort.

My thrifted:
Cashmere wrap black and grey
Denim dress/jacket worn as a dress today
Denim hat
Pony Hair bag

Along with some blue Leggins and my staple sunday shoes. I was good to go.

Oh we made it to 36 weeks. Lets see if we can make it to 37.


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Sunday Slay: Week 35

Hello Family!

The title says it Church was really good except for trying to wake up at 6:30 a.m. for that spring forward time. This is the 1st time I've shown you all this dress but it has kept me looking pulled together with minimum effort. Did I mention for the 20,000 time that leggings are my friend. Lol simple earrings and a black jacket completed my church look.

After church and after work I live in these moo moos that I bought from Burlington Coat Factory. I have about 4 or 5. They were a low low price and I like the colors so i thought i would show you what I lounge in also.

As always all are welcom or just stop by and say Hi.

Have a grat day.


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Sunday Slay: It's a sunshiny day.

Hey family!

I hope things are going well where you are. As for me. Today was a lovely day. 1st church service the my wonderful sister took my pictures then breakfast. Oh yes, now a long nap.

The weather here in the Chi. was cool and crisp but the sun was shining brightly. Today I wanted my fit to reflect the day and my mood. I also decide to do some selfcare and get a haircut.

So today was a bright orange day.
I bought these pieces at the beginning of my pregnancy 8 monts ago. I have these pants in a shade of pink also. The dress/top is full on cotton and feels so good agnist the skin. I seem to stay hot all the time now. A light shawl topper completed the look. My earings are made from a kente cloth.

My sister has been taking my pictures lately an always makes me laugh.

I said hold on let me do my sexy walk. She responded that's not sexy. You look more like Chilly Willy the Penguin.

As always all are welcome or just say. Hello.

Off to take my 8hr nap. We are 34 weeks and 3 days. Have a good one.


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WIW: Work

Hey Family,

So most of the time I post all of my weekend or after work looks. I decided to show you all what I wear at work.

My official title is Telecommunications Installer in the I.T field. I work with phones, computers, fiber optics, cable and wire for a major university in THE Chi.

Doing my job i usually wear jeans and a nice button down or top. During my pregnancy these have become my "uniform".

So these are my "at work maternity wear" . I have the dresses in 2 or 3 colors most are denim and a few knits. Long sleeve tops as undershirts. Leggings of different colors usally black, blue and grey. And slip on gymshoes and boots. Not the most glamorous fits in the world but sometimes I have to be on the floor or in dusty Telephone Closets.

Have you ever wanted to trash something because you were just sick of wearing it? Well these are the fits. I will wind up donating them at the end of 2017 but they have served me well.

I'm literally growing everyday. I tried to do a side shot to show you how big nuggett is getting. I'll get a better one on sunday.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading.


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