Under the Big Top Circus on Sunday...

Greetings Fam!

So Although I did get dressed for Church I
failed to get any pictures it was such a busy Sunday. Although I got to
take pictures of my casual thrifted fit. My niece baby girl and I had
the chance to attend a circus called Universal Soul Circus and we had
such a lovely time. My niece baby girl had her 15th birthday the other
day and the only thing she wanted was to go to the Universal Soul


So I hope your next question is. What is the Universal Soul Circus?
Well I'm glad you asked. USC is the 2nd largest traveling Circus in
America. USC searches the globe for some of the greatest acts in the
world and then tours America Like Ringling Brothers. Unlike Ringling
Brothers Circus. Universal Soul Circus has on 1 large Ring where all
the acts perform separately providing and intimate and interactive
experience for the audience and the artist.

So I like history
so here is a bit about UniverSoul Circus. The UniverSoul Circus was
founded in 1994. The history section of the official website states that
"We had the idea to present ... to a wide demographic of spectators."
Recruiting, training and production began in 1993. The first performance
took place in 1994 in the parking lot of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

We have been enjoying the Circus for about 15 years it is a family and School Trip regular for the Chicagoland area.

So on to what I wore. Well I know black it hard to photograph but,
this is a black denim moto jacket with an asymmetrical zip I love it.
It has zippers on the sleeves and also on the pockets. The top is a
long shark bite hem tank I have 3 in different colors because they are
long enough to cover any bits and I like the uniqueness of the shark
bite hem. The Hat is a newsboy cap the details are hard to see also but
It was has paint splatters on it from a paint your jeans event I went
to this past summer. My Jeans are pregnancy jeans. Yes, they are so
comfortable they are by Liz Lang maternity. My American flag scarf has a
vintage wash feel I bought 2 speaking of multiples. My shoes are clogs
are Dansko which are the most comfortable things in the world. My fit
my niece wore was thrifted as well she will be so statuesque already
standing at 5'7 against my 5'2.

All Thrift:
Hat Long ago
Shark bite tank old
pregnancy denim jeans $3.99-Goodwill
Moto Jacket $4.00-Combat to Chic
American Flag Scarf $1-new Rainbow
Dansko Clogs $8.16 retail $150 Brand new from the Salvation Army

As always all are welcome lurkers commenters and everyone in between.


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50 Shades of Grey on a Sunday.

Hey Family long time no post.

So I've decided to post my
Sunday go to church fits. I really want to go out but it seems as if
2nd trimester has me still tired. I can walk around the block and then
sleep for 4 hours. I'm getting better. I try to walk around the
building at my new job site. I've been regulated to computer work and
very light duty. Such fun. Naw, really I am happy at where I am.
Today was my 1st day. I've decide to remain positive on my 6hr commute. Oh Boy Y'all pray for me. lol

So on this past Sunday it was really breezy and cool. I love the
season changing. Fall was really around the leaves falling and the sun
bright and the air crisp and clean. On this day I decided to wear some
new thrifted items and something old. Many people don't want to wear
repeat Items but I will wear things for years.

I really wanted
to do different shades of grey. 50 shades of grey came to mind. At
least the movie title. lol My slacks are newly thrifted still had the
tags on them from Ashley Stewart. The said 18 but they are more like a
20 plenty of room for the baby spread. My top is silk it wrinkles easy
also thrifted a Pussy bow blouse. I decided to shave my hair off to
start fresh and so a head wrap was in order. I decided to go with a
multi-color wrap blue,grey,green and white background. The jewelry was
all silver and a piece of hand jewelry in blue and grey. My wrap/shawl
is also in the grey color way and so are my shoes.

Trifted New:
Tuxedo Pants Ashley Stewart New $3.99 at Salvation Army

Thrifted Old:
Wrap/Shawl angora so soft and warm
Pussy Bow Blouse Silk
All Jewlery that is silver
Head Wrap Former Maxi Dress

Artist Made:
Hand Jewlery


As always thanks for Looking, Commenting or Lurking. All are welcome.


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I'm still here

Hey YLF Family. I'm still around don't give up on me. I've gone back to lurking but I am still taking pictures and being fab. I'm taking a break from social media. Things have gotten overwhelming laterly. Lol oh boy.

I'm in my last week of my 1st Trimester things were a bit touch and go for a minute. I'm on a self imposed break but I'm reading your fab post inbetween long naps and eating 27 times a day and working my normal 10-12 hrs a day. Whew I'm sleepy just typing that.

One day I'm going to write a post about the reality of being a over 40 pregancy.

Anywho keep us in prayer if you pray and or send us positive energy. Thanks in advance.