2021 Evolution in Sections (part 2)

the great Chapeau

Don’t mind me. I’m just growing through a Midlife Style Evolution my whole wardrobe has been assessed, purged, donated and rejuvenated.

I have have had a long love affair with a great Chapeau. Wearing them seeing them reading about the multiple ways to wear them. So I had 15 great headwear that I no longer felt any affinity for whatsoever. They did not make me smile. I did not take pictures of them head wraps one of a kind special pieces etc etc. I donated them so they could make someone else smile.

I kept 4 in picture 2 a large brimmed camo hat and a denim mesh hat love these 2. 2 sun visor hats in metallic gold and silver.

Picture 3. 4 new to my collection 2 vibrant head wraps and 2 faux Fur perfect pick me ups for winter/fall dreary days.

So my sidekick/model decided she wanted to take one. (She gets it from her mama lol)

Let me know your thoughts,

Next post will be about my bag collection.


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Mother's Day & Multiples...

Hey Family!

This mother's day weekemd in America brougjt us to several events. I was honored for the work that I do in my community and for being a single mom who is makimg it happen. Zi'Joy's and I had a wonderful time. It was a casual dressy event. The weather here 8n the Chi has been so up and down. We had rain showers amd lows of 40's so I dressed us accordingly.

So for this event we wore a soft pastel rose pink tiered sleeve top it's so pretty I had a little V cut out in a bag and I wore black velvet pants for Zion Joy I essentially put her in denim peplum top and black velvet pants cuz it was warm and serviceable. And I think it was pretty.

The next day was Mother's Day and to be honest with you it was quite a sad day. I received news that my cousin was 41 was 3 years younger than me have passed away. I loveed him like a brother and so when I receive the call in the middle of the night my world is just shaken. So to be honest with you we had stayed up all night anx did not feel lile making an effort to dress.

This is where my lo e of multiples come in. So we wore the same pants to a different place and with a different set of people. Same black velvet pants and same tops for the both of us as tje day before in grey. For Zi'Joy grey pepulm and for me the same exact top.

No fuss no muss head wrap and hat for Zi'Joy. And we were on our way.

After church the Sun came out and we were blessed with a beautiful day. No need for our wraps or raincoat.at

My daughter's learning Center created this beautiful hand print of her hands and a poem. It was just the perfect thing for a 1st Mother's day gift.

I hope you all had a great weekend and happy Mother's Day to you all.

As always be well on your fashionable journey.


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That's not my life...

Hey family how are you on this day?

Have you ever said something similar to this? That's not my life! Often times it is said that we should dress for the life that we have not for the one that we want. When I first began my style journey I wanted to have that aspirational look. I thought I needed button-downs and heels and makeup and all the latest and greatest. Needless to say that did not work for my life. Angie was a fresh person that really heard that said dress her life that you have not the one that you want.

So let's talk shoes I had to bid a fond farewell to 90% of my shoe wardrobe recently. They were all comfortable pretty stack block heels that were chunky enough to support my lovely curves for hours upon hours. Why the sudden style shift you ask? First off thank you for asking. Next because my whole life has shifted.

So as most know I'm 43 and will be 44 in one month. I have my beautiful rainbow baby and my body has physically changed. When pregnant my feet started to grow and spread. I knew that they may not ever go back to my size 11 wide. I knew that my feet were growing so I bought temporary shoes. The shoes that will fill the space until my feet reverted back. Well I had to say goodbye to those shoes.

This is my new reality that I am finally accepting. I have one pair of heels in my wardrobe left only because I bought them in two sizes size 11 wide and size 12. So this is turning into my spring wardrobe early summer I have to figure out something in the summer.

Suggestions for summer shoes are more than welcome I like closed for shoes. I'd rather invest into good pair of summer shoes then a whole bunch of cheap e fill in the space shoes.


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My Love of the Wrap passed on...

An interesting discussion took place recently about cultural appropriation. It was a great dialogue what is considered cultural appropriation vs. Cultural appreciation. This dialogue led me to a very emotional place. I think since having my daughter I've begun to think more and more of the history of my people.

As African American woman where does our Beauty and strength lay. If Africans were not taken from Africa where would our trajectory be by now. History has often been a brutal Taskmaster who robbed the African American of our identity and history. When you know where you come from and who you came from it gives you a sense of self. It gives you a sense of power it gives you a sense of owning your own Beauty. At least in my eyes.

Because of this discussion it led me to thinking of a tradition that was passed down too many African American women of unashamedly loving our natural hair. Of wrapping our Beauty which is often referred to as crowns or our crowning Glory. Not only is this fashion this is who I am. As an African American woman who's story and Journey did not just begin with slavery that is not where I choose to start from. But as we cannot Trace our history back to Africa we have to establish our own traditions and our own norms. Based upon that truth which is my truth I choose to pass my truth and my tradition on to my daughter.

This is Who We Are this is how I choose to raise her this is our Beauty this is our fashion this is our tradition. This Is Us!


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Greetings Family!

The height of my social calender seems to be our Dr's visits. Lol What else can you do with a new born? As each day goes by baby nugget is getting bigger and stronger. Her face shape changes everyday.

Today I walked around the block. Yeah me you go Ledonna! Small goals and accomplishments seem like big mile stones. The weather has been very nice lately so I've been able to enjoy my outside time.

On to what We Wore:

Zion'Joy did a bit of pattern and color mixing today wearing a green and white striped turtle top. A pair of pink squiggly line paints and for a real pop her smurf hat with a cute face on it.

I decided to do a bit of pattern mixing myself. I have no idea how to describe this top. It is huge has arm holes and a neck hole and is drapes very well. I like the print on it and have 2 more in green and brown. A grey and white camouflage hat spiked earings black slip on tennis shoes, leggings and arm warmers complete my look.

Bonus picture of me during my around the block walk and after tub time of Zion'Joy


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W.W.W. 1st Dr's visit.

Hey family!

So today was our 1st day out in the 10 days Zion'Joy has been in the world. We decided to wear our comfortable casual wear. Lol

Zion'Joy wore a full button up striped onsie with a lion on the side. Yesterday she wore her pink and plaid just because.

Momma wore sweat suit the top said girls rock. With a camouflage hat and signature prescription sunglasses.

Baby Nugget has been a great joy. It took 24 hrs of labor and an emergency c-section to have her. She is growing amd i am recovering. Everyday is a bit better.

Have a great day family.


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Sunday Slay: Week 35

Hello Family!

The title says it all.lol. Church was really good except for trying to wake up at 6:30 a.m. for that spring forward time. This is the 1st time I've shown you all this dress but it has kept me looking pulled together with minimum effort. Did I mention for the 20,000 time that leggings are my friend. Lol simple earrings and a black jacket completed my church look.

After church and after work I live in these moo moos that I bought from Burlington Coat Factory. I have about 4 or 5. They were a low low price and I like the colors so i thought i would show you what I lounge in also.

As always all are welcom or just stop by and say Hi.

Have a grat day.


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How does a maximal shift to a minimal?

Hello Family,

I’m facing a big style shift right now. I would describe my former look as maximal to the max. As of late I have only been wearing 1 piece. Either a statememt bag, necklace, headwrap or earing but not all together.
I'm doing the same with my home. Pairing down becoming more minimal.
It is an odd feeling because my last style shift was 15 years ago. That was a 2 year oddsey of a fun jouney.
To be honest I'm feeling a bit lost.
In my home I've paired way down. The same with my clothing. I’ve this week off and have been nesting. I have 4 large bags of. Clothing and house hold items that are being donated.
My jewelry collection is huge and curated. I am hesitant to go through it. I dont know where to start. The only things I’m hanging on to are my hats and my headwraps.

So if you can give me any advise it would be appreciated.

Picture 1 is what i wear on the average

Pictire 2 is what i wore to church on sunday. The only piece is the statement necklace.

Truthfully i was not going to post picture number 2.


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Over all a good day..

This was a recent outfit I wore to go shopping for some gymshoes. My feet have spread to a size 12 while little nugget is growing and most of my beautiful heels and boots have been retired for a minute. I have a large selection so I have some roomy size 11 I can still wear.

This was a layered fit. A knit long sleeve top, Denim overalls multiple buttons, hand made hat and puffer vest and neck wrap scarf Hoodie thing. These heels although high are leather and have a rubber sole pretty comfortable. I've had them forever.

Can you see my white socks? A sister was not gonna bend down to pull my pant leg down. Oh no Haha

So my mission at work is to walk and to move so I can be healthy Hence the gymshoes. I walk about 4-5 times a day and walk stairs in the building I work in. Shoe shopping was successful and so was shopping for a pair of low profile solid grip boots for winter. I need slip on boots and shoes now. Lol no buckles.

Next up finding a proper coat. Ugh plus size pregnancy. I thought being plus size had its hilltop and Valley experiences. Not complain just saying. Suggestion for coats are welcome.
I need,a rugged outdoor type of coat for my commute.

As always we love comments even if it's just a hello.

So Hello Family. Now you have to say it back.

Week 19/20


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Multiple Style Shifts

A wonderful post from the other day got me to do some thinking.

The title was Style Goals revisited.

The Question I posed to myself was:

Do I have style goals?

What are they?

How do I define them?

I had a necessary style shift because of my pregnancy. I'm currently 18 weeks and 5 days. I went into this with the thought that most of my clothing is loose and has flow. I thought I would be alright.

I found myself eventually saying a tearfull goodbye as I packed away most of my wadrobe.

This was my first shift. Being a plus size American 18 at 5'2 is already challenging now add on to that being pregnant and growing. But this was a 9 month temporary situation so I did not want to invest to heavily.

I purchased

2 plaid shirt dresses
2 sweater dresses
Orthopedic shoes good support for walking.
A few head wraps.

I've been wearing the same thing to work and church for the past 4 months. As I did I went through major changes in work location, mindset, personal life challenges. I stopped posting and stopped enjoying my wardrobe. Which led me to another style shift.

Recently I decided to get back to what made me happy inside and out and that is my flamboyant and maximum style.

I've learned that I need to be flexible on this style Evolution.

I've learned that I need to wear things that make me feel like me happy.

I'm learning to have patience and to be kind to myself and my growing nugget.

I've learned or am learning that what I wear is a direct reflection oh how I feel.

I also learned that I love color as much as I love earth tones. With that being said.

I purchased and have had some things made for me. By my significant other and a good friend. Now I feel as right as rain.

I have a few dresses a few new hats and overalls and jumpsuit made for me. I even have some new thrifted pieces. .I cannot wait to wear them and show them to you.

Thank you once again for reading.


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