Over all a good day..

This was a recent outfit I wore to go shopping for some gymshoes. My feet have spread to a size 12 while little nugget is growing and most of my beautiful heels and boots have been retired for a minute. I have a large selection so I have some roomy size 11 I can still wear.

This was a layered fit. A knit long sleeve top, Denim overalls multiple buttons, hand made hat and puffer vest and neck wrap scarf Hoodie thing. These heels although high are leather and have a rubber sole pretty comfortable. I've had them forever.

Can you see my white socks? A sister was not gonna bend down to pull my pant leg down. Oh no Haha

So my mission at work is to walk and to move so I can be healthy Hence the gymshoes. I walk about 4-5 times a day and walk stairs in the building I work in. Shoe shopping was successful and so was shopping for a pair of low profile solid grip boots for winter. I need slip on boots and shoes now. Lol no buckles.

Next up finding a proper coat. Ugh plus size pregnancy. I thought being plus size had its hilltop and Valley experiences. Not complain just saying. Suggestion for coats are welcome.
I need,a rugged outdoor type of coat for my commute.

As always we love comments even if it's just a hello.

So Hello Family. Now you have to say it back.

Week 19/20


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Pattern, Color& Texture Oh My

Hello family!

Today I really enjoyed this fit as usual this a cross between thrifted & custom and store bought. As is the moto from our dear Angie. "Leave no retail stone unturned" I'll find a sale anywhere and only purchase what I love even the basics have to have some kind of detail.

The black jacketworn as an outerwear coat.
The houndstooth dress
The belt it is adjustable so it will grow with the baby bump.

What was store bought:
Plaid leggings
Maroon blouse
Shoes from Payless(I loved these shoes so much I bought them in a size 11&12

Hat a line called Sconi Wear
Scarf House of Tem

As always thank you for taking the time to look, read and giving feedback.

We are officially at week 20 + 2 days.


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Hip Train Conductor All aboard!

At least that is what my neice said to me when I asked her to take these pictures. We went out to see a scary movie over the weekend called Oujia and this is what I wore. For the record I hate scary movies but the neice loves them. I refuse to see them at night. Whatever happened to the Disney cartoons she used to watch.

Back to more pleasant things. I just love overalls and I was lucky enough to find a golden ring at the thrift store. A pair of brand new overalls in the men's section that were unique. My friend and creative mastermind Oshun Bey turned them into a pair of drop crotch pants and decked them out with cool sayings for.a unique look. The hat is another creation by Sconi wear.

My turtleneck is great and is sleeveless. ONE of the more interesting things about this pregnancy so far is my clothing fits in the body but not in the arms. So sleeveless is a goodway to accommodate this issue. The jacket I'm wearing is just a simple waster fall open front thing. My boots look like Combat boots with a whole bunch of buckles and straps which are hidden.

I think our wadrobe should be filled with things we love to wear even if thrifted.

Have a great day.


This was this pat weekend at 19 weeks. This Saturday will.be my 20TH week so yeah. We are moving right along.


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It's all in the details Maxim overload.

I really love looking at a fit and seeing details. The unexpected lines and patterns or textures. I am a full on maximum person when it comes to my clothing.

So my recent quest to find affordable fashions that can grow with me for a while I've decide to purchase some year round dresses. This is one of them. A nice dark brown dress with intresting details at the top.

As far as maximum dressing goes this is one of my favorite fits and probably will be repeated as often as I can. The black top is a sweater cold shoulder 3/4 length sleeve that is turning into a workhorse staple. The leggings are a snakeskin animal print that I've had for years and wears like iron. The boots are comfy and have a side zip so I don't have to keep tying them up. It's getting harder and harder to bend down

The denim coat/jacket was an eariler summer find from the thrift. I'm only going to be wearing it for a short amount of time but I love the detail of lining inside. The scarf was also a new to me purchase it reminds me of a lions mane. The purse holds everthing i need.l I'm finding that I don't want to carry much stuff. This whole fit was created from Thrift stores. My hat is the only thing purchased new by a wonderful nationally known hat maker called Sconi.

This is me around week 18. So included a side shot to see the progression. I'm in my 19th week currently and counting.

As usual all are welcome. Lurkers, Comment, and anyone in between.


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Multiple Style Shifts

A wonderful post from the other day got me to do some thinking.

The title was Style Goals revisited.

The Question I posed to myself was:

Do I have style goals?

What are they?

How do I define them?

I had a necessary style shift because of my pregnancy. I'm currently 18 weeks and 5 days. I went into this with the thought that most of my clothing is loose and has flow. I thought I would be alright.

I found myself eventually saying a tearfull goodbye as I packed away most of my wadrobe.

This was my first shift. Being a plus size American 18 at 5'2 is already challenging now add on to that being pregnant and growing. But this was a 9 month temporary situation so I did not want to invest to heavily.

I purchased

2 plaid shirt dresses
2 sweater dresses
Orthopedic shoes good support for walking.
A few head wraps.

I've been wearing the same thing to work and church for the past 4 months. As I did I went through major changes in work location, mindset, personal life challenges. I stopped posting and stopped enjoying my wardrobe. Which led me to another style shift.

Recently I decided to get back to what made me happy inside and out and that is my flamboyant and maximum style.

I've learned that I need to be flexible on this style Evolution.

I've learned that I need to wear things that make me feel like me happy.

I'm learning to have patience and to be kind to myself and my growing nugget.

I've learned or am learning that what I wear is a direct reflection oh how I feel.

I also learned that I love color as much as I love earth tones. With that being said.

I purchased and have had some things made for me. By my significant other and a good friend. Now I feel as right as rain.

I have a few dresses a few new hats and overalls and jumpsuit made for me. I even have some new thrifted pieces. .I cannot wait to wear them and show them to you.

Thank you once again for reading.


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Looking like me again.

Hey fam!

So one of the reasons I've not been posting so much is because I have not been feeling like myself. This past weekend I decided I needed to get back to me. This fit felt closer to my before baby style.

So this was my look on Veterans day. I usally take the day off because I feel like if it is a national holiday we all veterans and gold star families should have this day of to remember. I remember thinking to myself about 4 or 5 years ago. Everyone gets our day off except for us. So I dedicate one day off each year to remember to grab a meal with other veterans and to visit my dads grave to remember him as he served int the Vietnam war as a Marine.

Today was also a beautiful fall day oh my goodness the wind was whipping all over the place. After these pictures I layered on a sweater and scarf. My sister always makes up names for my fits. I've grown used to her and am loving the names. This one she called Shaft reloaded. I don't know if you remember the movies from the 70s but, Shaft was very popular. Am I aging myself? lol

Legging have become my best friend and so have compression socks to cut down the swelling on my ankles. My pleather Faux Leather trench is kind of very retro. I really love it and purchased it from a thrift some time ago. My Belt is a mesh belt also purchased from another thrift. The dress top is a God send it goes with everything. I wish I could have found more it has shark bite sides which I love. My boots are camo again I love wearing them and my boots are the only camo I can fit into now.

I'm finding myself not really wanting to wear a bunch of jewelry like I normally wear. I'm finding it cumbersome with carrying my new little nugget.

As usual all are welcome. Lurkers, Comment, and anyone in between.


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The baby bump

Hey Family,

Although these pictures were taken a few weeks ago I just wanted to show my bump. I was about 11 or 12 weeks here.
Watching a baby bump grow is like watching paint dry. Except for when you look at the pictures.

On this day Tem and I decided to scope out some new to us thrifts around chicago. We hit the mega one first 3 floors. I was so tired after the 1st one. We did not find anything but they do have a wide selection of baby clothing.

On our way to eat we saw this beautiful mural and I just had to have pictures. Don't you just love the colors in the in the mural? Tem really looked great in front of the mural. He is alway so dapper. I'm trying to borrow forever some of his stylish hats. Although he likes taking pictures of me he is not really a picture taker.

I've been wearing much of the same things snd on this day this is a sweater dress with a standard pair of leggings. Tem made my head wrap from some left over material and I love my plaid yellow and grey wool jacket. The boots were a bonus. They are a sand color. I'm determined to still wear my heels for as long as possible. I like this fit but I'm growing and will eventually have to go shopping to fit my new plus size pregnancy.

Tem has actually completed some things for me to wear and a good friend has made some beautiful dresses and fits for me.

Well until next time.

As usual all are welcome. Lurkers, Comment, and anyone inbetween.


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Veteran Fashion Flashback

Well hello Fashionable Fam!

Today in America is Veterans Day.

For the past few years I've taken a vacation day on Veterans day. So today I decided to visit my fashionable family.

As always I'm am proud to say Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed. No matter your belife or political affiliation we honor as Americans those who have chosen to serve.

I thought I would take a look back down my fashionable memory lane. I spent 10 years in the Army. I was not much into taking photos but I have a few.

Everthing else has been thrifted camouflage can be found everywhere in my Wadrobe. It has to be fashion camo. Boots hats jumpsuits headwraps. Some old soldiers wear buttons, ribbons, hats and badages. This is how I choose to remember.

I'm a I addicted to camo. If you a member of your family or friends or even someone you meet in your daily journey today. I want you to say this simple phrase.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Everyone be well.


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