W.I.W. Early Morning Walk NOLA

I am a morning person and even though I Dress very vividly. I'm pretty much a low key introvert. Today just happens to be my born day.

For the past 20 or so years I've spent my birthday quietly to include an early morning walk wherever I happen to be.

I love this fit the skirt it is linen uneven highlow skirt I love it. I had on a belt at the waist but I wanted to be comfortable so I took it off. I want to plan capsules all the time so stress free.

The Donkey was named Clarissa she was beautiful. Although I can't stand carriage rides for personal reasons she was as sweet as could be.

Picture 27-31 was the hotel we stayed in. We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon.

Picture 32 was me and my step toasting my born day with an adult beverage.

Pic 37 was the fabulous man that took my pictures on the warf.

I hope I'm not overloading you all with pictures. As always thanks in advance.

Thank you all for sharing the journey with me.

Oh one observation is that a lot of construction is going on.


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