Any opportunity to get dressed

Hey family!

I hope this post finds you all well whatever corner of this beautiful world you are living in.

Just a quick what I wore post as today we are visiting Learning Centers for baby nugget in our area. Who knew you have to take tours and be on competitive waiting list for a new born? My goodness.

So my thought process went like this:

I feel like we are going to be judged.
What does one wear to interviews and tours?
Should I dress conservative or just like myself?
Why am I so nervous?
Why am I stressing out?
No need to stress I'm paying them. They should feel lucky to be considered for my Zion'Joy.

So I decided to just be my wonderful charming self. Lol. Thst means no stress and just pull my look together. We have a number of visits today. I wanted to project a certain image but be true to myself and Zion'Joy.

Theses pants are a workhorse. They were with me before during and now after pregancy. Pinstripes lycra wideleg. Makes me feel great.

Leopard print dropwaist peplum.
Brown print headwrap, backpack baby bag and right now the most stylish shoes I can fit into.

baby nugget is very casual track suit.

Side note. I dont think my poor feet will be going back to Size 11 shoes. I've stretched from the pregancy. I'm ni3w a size 12. So I'm donating my pretty shoe collection.


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Under the cherry blossom tree

Pattern & Pattern Mixing

So this is our second day out i. A row and it was just beautiful outside. Yep another Dr's visit. This time for me. Want a quick ego boost have a baby. I lost 25 pounds after baby.

Today my sister picked the outfit for baby nugget. Army camo and her onesie said major cutie. With cute pink socks. I was able to find a cute grreen & plaid hat for Zion'Joy.

I decidef to echo her outfit. A nice black dress camo shirt jacket. I love my camo boots and decided to up the pattern game by adding my favorite snake print Leggins. A nice forest green hat to top off my look and here we go.

The chery blossom on the trees were so amazing.


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Greetings Family!

The height of my social calender seems to be our Dr's visits. Lol What else can you do with a new born? As each day goes by baby nugget is getting bigger and stronger. Her face shape changes everyday.

Today I walked around the block. Yeah me you go Ledonna! Small goals and accomplishments seem like big mile stones. The weather has been very nice lately so I've been able to enjoy my outside time.

On to what We Wore:

Zion'Joy did a bit of pattern and color mixing today wearing a green and white striped turtle top. A pair of pink squiggly line paints and for a real pop her smurf hat with a cute face on it.

I decided to do a bit of pattern mixing myself. I have no idea how to describe this top. It is huge has arm holes and a neck hole and is drapes very well. I like the print on it and have 2 more in green and brown. A grey and white camouflage hat spiked earings black slip on tennis shoes, leggings and arm warmers complete my look.

Bonus picture of me during my around the block walk and after tub time of Zion'Joy


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The best of accessories...

Hello Family & Happy Easter

My little dear nugget is all that is "in" fashion in baby ware. Lol

We have to be intentional about getting dressed. It makes me just feel better while being home bound. It's one of the ways I am establishing a new routine or a new normal. Shout out to all the mom's because there is no journey like this one and each one so different.

To day is what we call Resurrection Sunday or Easter sunday. In my almost 43 years I've never missed going to church. The churh that I attend offers an live video of the service. I thought we could get dressed up and watch on line.

Today Zion'Joy is wearing a lace dress with pink sash and flower. A little lace shrug and warm socks.

I am wearing a simple shark bite colorful dress and earrings.

I hope you all are having a great day.


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At home photo shoot...

I decided to take so pictures of baby nugget today ad turn them into black and whites. I'm going to go to our local Walgreens and have them printed and I'll by frames from our local $1 store to frame them. What do ou think?


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W.W.W. 1st Dr's visit.

Hey family!

So today was our 1st day out in the 10 days Zion'Joy has been in the world. We decided to wear our comfortable casual wear. Lol

Zion'Joy wore a full button up striped onsie with a lion on the side. Yesterday she wore her pink and plaid just because.

Momma wore sweat suit the top said girls rock. With a camouflage hat and signature prescription sunglasses.

Baby Nugget has been a great joy. It took 24 hrs of labor and an emergency c-section to have her. She is growing amd i am recovering. Everyday is a bit better.

Have a great day family.


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