An explosion of color.

Hey Family!

Saturday was a beautiful day the weather was in the mid 50's. It almost felt like summer in the Chi. Sunday was a bit overcast but I loved this fit so much I wore it both Saturday and to church on Sunday.

This denim hi-low shirt is becoming a real workhorse with room to grow.

I really like the print of these pants they are some lycra light weight things. I wore leggings underneath to ensure they were warm enough. Major score because they fit over the baby belly.

My headwrap is just a piece of cloth i cut from an old stretch skirt. Wood earrings and slip on gymshoes complete the look.

So today is a great day because I'm officially 28 weeks and in my 3rd trimester. Yeah!

As usual all are welcome. Have a great day family.


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How does a maximal shift to a minimal?

Hello Family,

I’m facing a big style shift right now. I would describe my former look as maximal to the max. As of late I have only been wearing 1 piece. Either a statememt bag, necklace, headwrap or earing but not all together.
I'm doing the same with my home. Pairing down becoming more minimal.
It is an odd feeling because my last style shift was 15 years ago. That was a 2 year oddsey of a fun jouney.
To be honest I'm feeling a bit lost.
In my home I've paired way down. The same with my clothing. I’ve this week off and have been nesting. I have 4 large bags of. Clothing and house hold items that are being donated.
My jewelry collection is huge and curated. I am hesitant to go through it. I dont know where to start. The only things I’m hanging on to are my hats and my headwraps.

So if you can give me any advise it would be appreciated.

Picture 1 is what i wear on the average

Pictire 2 is what i wore to church on sunday. The only piece is the statement necklace.

Truthfully i was not going to post picture number 2.


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A walking wrinkle

I think I alway post good or solidly decent outfits but, staying true to a promise I made to myself I'm going to post the good the bad and the wrinkled. I went out to celebrate a birthday last night. I knew this fit needed a good Iron taken to it. I just wore it anyway.

Something in my brain just said oh its not that bad. Lol well that was until I saw the pictures. From the neck up and the ankle down I love my fit. Oh well you cannot win them all. My goal during my pregnancy is not to look like I gave up on fashion.

Having said that. I wanted to make jello with pineapple slices. No one at home want to go get it for me. My cravings for it lasted about a week. Now that fit was a hot mess. I wore owl P.J. bottoms a t-shirt and a huge duster sweater and to top it off I wore a batman leather baseball cap and clogs to the supermarket. Lol.

I rarely wear things that have to be ironed. We have a cleaners here called CD 1 price. I may take a few pieces to them.

What I am wearing.
A denim maybe waterfall jacket
An olive jumpsuit
Boots by toms. They have colorful stripes on the side of them.
Scarf head wrap.

Back to the drawing board or n
Better yet the ironing board with this one.

I also know that this fit is to large for me little nugget is still growing. Oh boy


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2017 Sunday Slay...

At least that is what the kids call it "slay". I love that word.

Hello Family and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I attend church services on Sundays so from now on I'm going to title my sunday post "Sunday Slay". Pretty Original lol. Forgive me I'm a cornball.

So I wanted some sparkle on this day and wanted to be comfortable also because I attendedd a church service last night called watch service and a 7:30 am service this morning.

I found a pair of my regular pair of size 18 wideleg high waist pinstripe pants that fit. Yeah me. I wore my afro lady t-shirt my pattent leather heels and black sweater with flecks of white in it. My denim hat and my beautiful Cherry red bag a Christmas gift from my oldest neice. She is such a sweetheart. I really liked this fit. This was a mix of thrift and cheepy retail stores here in Chicago called cititrends.

I attended a Watch service last night and took a quick selfie. A explanation of Watch service is at the end if you care to read. I've been attending for as long as I can remember.

Again thank you for reading and happy 2017.

Watch Service-On This date in 1862 the first Watch Night Services were celebrated in Back communities in America.

The Watch Night service can be traced back to gatherings also known as “Freedom’s Eve.” On that night, Black slaves and free blacks came together in churches and private homes all across the nation awaiting news that the Emancipation Proclamation actually had become law. At the stroke of midnight, it was January 1, 1863; all slaves in the Confederate States were declared legally free. When the news was received, there were prayers, shouts and songs of joy as many people fell to their knees and thanked God.

Blacks have gathered in churches annually on New Year’s Eve ever since, praising God for bringing us safely through another year. It’s been over a century since the first Freedom’s Eve and tradition still brings us together at this time every year to celebrate “how we got over.” This celebration takes many African American decendants of slaves into a new year with praise and worship. The service usually begins anywhere from 7 p.m. To 10 p.m. And ends at midnight with the entrance of the New Year. Some people come to church first, before going out to celebrate, for others, church is the only New Year’s Eve event.


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