Sunday Slay: The Shaggy Faux Fur

Hey Family!

My neice recently gifted me with this Faux Fur vest and i just love how shaggy it is. I wantd the vest to be the star of the show so toned down my fit today.

I've worn everthing before. My denim top is a workhorse. My wideleg pinstripe pants a nice Afrocentric headwrap and my "church" shoes. Lol wit a contrast color of my red bag. Today I just wore a simple pair of striped blue and white earings.

Today we are 33 weeks and 3 days. I feel as if little nugget is growing so big. I have a short torso. I feel the baby everywhere. Let me just say the human body is amazing.

This will be the last wearing of these pants until after baby is born. I almost busted out of the zipper. Haha. But it's a great zipper because it held all day. Lol

Have a great onen Fam.


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Inspiration v.s. Real life

Hey Family!

So I took a trip yesterday to my OB/GYN and had a hospital tour of the family birthing room. The room was quite nice and so was the staff that I met. This is what I finally ended up wearing.

This dress is very comfortable and light weight along with a denim waterfall jacket my constant Leggins and headwrap. It was a bit of a fustrating day but my family made it better.

I liked this look but when I caught a glimpse of myself in the hospital reflective mirrors I felt as if I looked like evillene from the musical The Wiz. If you have not seen the movie musical you should really check it out.

My neice suggested I do a Beyonce pose. I tried it but if you compare side by sides I think it was an epic failure. Lol I could not even get the right finger up.

My sister on the other hand suggested I looked like a beautiful StingRay floating in the water.

All of these images had me giggling. Sometimes it is comfort and fun over fashion.

Have a great day and I invite you to laugh with me.


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Sunday Slay: Week 32...


Hey Family,

I hope you all are doing well. Me? I am ready to give little nugget her eviction notice. Thanks for asking.

On a fashion note I felt as if I was wearing a popup tent today. A cute one but a tent none the less. I decided I needed to reign in some of the volume with a lightweight denim waterfall jacket. I think it worked without compromising the top to much.

I did enjoy this look overall. Simple yet still enjoyable to wear. It was beautiful weather in the Chi. Today is a high of 68, yesterday was 72. These are almost summer temperatures.

Picture 8 is truly showing it all.


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Meet The Real Chicago...

Thanks to #45 The Chi (Chicago) has been in the news almost everday. I have had the pleasure of living & loving the Chi off and on for 40 plus years.

Do we have our difficulties? Yes we do.

Are we any better or worse than any other cities around the country or the world? No we are not.

I've been around the world and back again. I choose to call the Chi my home.
We are not victims locked in our houses all day. How would people work?.

We are a city that loves, hurts, cries, and rejoices.

I've been almost all over the city and suburbs all hours of the day and night. I am aware of the realities of the city. As all should be.

Don't believe all of #45 (President T) current Alternative Facts.

If you don't know the Chi was the only city that did not tolerate the hateful propaganda of #45 and turned him away and stood in solidarity against him. Our #44 is from the Chi also.


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Happy Valentine's Day...

If you celebrate it.

Just wanted to say. Celebrate in your own unique and fashionable way.


Sunday Slay: The Kitchen Sink

Hey Family!

I must admit that I liked all the patterns and colors that came into play. I counted 4 different patterns. Plaids, pinstripes, stripes, Checks,

I really wanted a plaid bottom but it was not in the cards. Instead I went for a subtle blue pinstripe on the pants. A pattern tie of pink and black. A striped shirt my favorite vintage reversable cape. I trided to ground everthing. With a denim shirt, hat and denim gymshoes. I carried a red bag to tie in the shoestring and bag.

From pictures 1 & 9 I replaced only the shoes because heels are a dream for me at ths point. I could see myself wearing this in the future with just the right plaid pair of pants or skirt.

As usall all are welcome. Even if this is not your style. What would you change or add too.

Thanks in advance.


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Sunday Slay...

Why does the weekend always seem to zoom by?

I'm officially 30 weeks and 2 days. Yay me. Lol

Well here we are an it is just a lovely sunday here in rhe Chi. The sun is still shinning it was in the upper 40s. I did not need a heavy jacket. I've worn these pieces before but not at the same time.

I wish I had these harem pants in mltiple colors. The flow and the movement are just lovely. The black top is a sweater knit cold shoulder it has served me well. The earings are leather and hand made. They have become my favorite. I'm trying to get all the wear I can from them now before little nugget arrives.

The jacket is made from an African material fabric called Bogolanfini. It is a mud cloth fabric. It's the first sunday in Black history month in America so I thought this shrug would be appropriate and I wore it to church.

My new reality is that I'm currently a size 12 so this is a pair of slip ons that I recently purchased to accommodate my changing foot size.

Time for a bit of American History:

Carter G. Woodson started Black History week in the 1920's to celebrate and recognize the contributions made by African Americans because history books were and sometimes are not very inclusive in the history or lexicon of America.


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