7th Annual Ge'le Day..

Hey Family!

By now you might asking yourself. What is a Ge'Le Day? Am I right or did I pique your interest? Official Definition at the bottom. So I always try to inform educate inspire when I talk about what we do and what we wear and why we wear what we do. I have celebrated Ge'le day for the past 5 years and my daughter for the past 2 starting when she was 3 months old in 2017.

In the African American community there is a disconnect of tradition and history from Africa. We are in the dysphoria and so bringing our village together as a collective we create an established Traditions that are taken from a Melting Pot of Africa and America. One of these traditions are our celebration of this day. Many of my pictures that I post Are worn with the traditional Headwrap or The Ge'le. It is beautiful and comes in many different forms colors shapes and patterns.

What we wore:

Today started out overcast and gray and muggy. Eventually morning turning into rain showers and then sprinkles. When we reached our destination the lakefront of Chicago it was determined that our celebrational day would be moved indoors instead of Outdoors for the first time in 7 years. The color The Joy the visual were all there. Because of the weather I wanted to dress appropriately when I thought to be appropriately so my daughter and a very light denim onesie and a colorful head scarf from Nigeria myself and a denim lightweight tunic and leggings that came down to the knee with a Denim headwrap and also material in the same pattern in my daughter had. Waterproof shoes and accessories.

I hope you enjoy the colors the patterns and I hope that you enjoy the pictures of you didn't read because I'm long-winded. Today turned out beautifully and in the end we did get to celebrate by the water.

Official Definition:
The Gele is a traditional Nigerian Headwrap. It is worn during special occasions as an accessory to the traditional 'iro' (a wrap-around skirt) and 'buba' (a loose fitting blouse). Gele is usually made out of heavy or stiff fabric that can be wrapped and moulded into a specific shape.


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Hup 2,3,4...

Hey Family!!!

Long time no post. Well just wanted you to know that we are still here still growing as Toddler & Mid Life Melanin MaMa. Someone told me I'm part of a sandwich generation where I'm taking taking care of a baby boomer and a baby ( toddler) do as you can see I have my hands full.

I really love these outfits for us and we do the similar looks or the twin looks. I in my head wrapping my daughter in the stylish camouflage pink and white hat. This was a good day. I plan to post more in the future but don't really hold me to that but it's great seeing you all and seeing all the new people and all of our seasoned veterans.

As always be well in your stylish Journey.


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