W.I.W. Pushing the Boundaries at work.....

So I work in I.T. and I am always wondering "Am I pushing the boundaries?".  More and more African Print is being worn in the work place. (Our dress code is pretty relaxed.  Hawian shirts, dockers and jeans. boots or gym shoes.  denim tops or button ups.) 

This top is called a Dashiki

Dashiki:  The dashiki is a colourful garment for men & women that covers the top half of the body. It has formal and
informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully
tailored suits. Some also have beautiful embroidery around the neck

It is becoming more of a staple in the work place as a person of color I want to express who I am without it being thought of as to militant or to something else. I see all clothing a way of self expression.  I also wonder if we have to teach others how to accept our style.  I wear what I wear until someones says something about it hindering what I do.  Then I try to make the necessary adjustments. (Although I've never been told that what I was wearing was bothering anyone.)  It is challenging because socks and sandals can be seen sometimes at work.  Also we live in the land of the dockers pants. 

I also keep a mini wardrobe at work because I never know what the day will bring for me.  So I keep a small variety of shoes sweaters jackets and tops at work for just in case and emergencies.  I do want to be appropriate for all situations.  I can just throw on a jacket or change a into a different pr of shoes or work boots when necessary. 

Besides purple is such a royal pretty color.  Also I wear gym shoes Nike for walking around my Ed Hardy are for before and after work.  The older I get the more comfort I need. Plus my wide leg jeans cover the gym shoes for the most part. I love my beauty supply store wood earnings they look like afro ladies and also cost only $1 winning.  My future goal is to paint them bright vivid colors.  My Bag is a leather bag that holds my life.  Literally I carry everything in it then I have smaller bags inside.  That is how I am able to change bags so much.  I tried one of those purse organizer thingy but it does not work for me. 

Last but not least my wonderful sister Desiree,who is a teacher and has the summer off has agreed to take my photos.  I'm trying to coerce her into taking a selfie with me. Maybe one day she will but I think it is to early in the morning for her. 

As always thanks for reading looking at the pictures or just lurking Although I would love it if you left a comment.  Have a great day. 


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Time to make the Donuts...

Dose anyone remember that Commercial?

I love the FB post on this day .......I love looking back and moving forward

These were my thoughts 3 years ago.

1-10yr marriage, 1-10yr partnership, finally woke up to my reality of My grind. Home,work, church,education sleep When I became aware and awake I realized who I became. At 38 a former shadow of who I started out as for what? Security and safety? Hmmm, realizing my blessings and assesing my goals personel and professional. I set out to create that life I wanted. From dancing in the rain at the beach and laughing to going to musical concerts and plays and concert, going on real vacations, dancing to HOUSE. Finding my joy by myself realizing I gave my power away. Letting my yes be my yes and my no be my no. Finding my balance and who I am in my 40's and loving myself enough to know that I am not my circumstance. Sorry for the long post but I can so relate. When I say that now I have balance and joy it is so the truth. Peace and blessings love and light.
Picture #2 was how conservative I used to dress #3 is the transformation of self. And #1 is the 1st concert I ever went to as an adult with Kindred the Family Soul.
Never forget your dreams.....


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W.I.W. When I don't want to wear anything......

Hey Family today we had a family get together to remember Memorial Day and to eat BBQ.

As a family we observed a moment of silence at 3:00 to remember my all those whom made the ultimate sacrifice.

I call this fit:

"I don't want no clothes to touch my body today fit."

We roasted I mean sat out in under the sun today. We enjoyed family and friends and ate really well. I'm glad I put on my SPF 5,000. I think I have turned 2 shades darker sitting outside. Hahahaha lolol

Some fits I wear you may like and you may not like and you know what that is okay. I think that is what makes the world go round. My friend Meosha does not like denim skirts but, she is still my friend.

Today was also a day to make up with family. I hurt the feelings of my best friend/cousin Yolanda a while back so it was beyond time to make up. Sometimes things are easy and we've known each other our whole lives. Sometimes you take your family for granted. But at the end of the day. You forgive make up and move forward.

I would also like to introduce you all to my wonderful Photographer Brianne otherwise known as Bree. My niece whom I love so much. My family is a big part of my life so you'll be seeing them occasionally.

Now my fit is straight from the thrift. Cotton overalls, silk poncho, and Bag bracelets from Combat to Chic.

My overalls are 2 sizes to big for me but I love how they look on me.

link provided: https://m.facebook.com/combat2chic/

Everything else thrifted from various places.

As always thank you for reading, commenting or just looking.


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Happy Accidents & A New Fashion Blog..

Well I accidentally started a blog. I pushed the wrong button and wrote a short post to the Technical Support team Inge and her wonderful self answered my questions. So here is my short story to a happy accident.

I suffer insomnia so I sleep in shifts as I thought about this happy accident in the middle of the night. I looked at the smooth transition to a "sub-blog". Greg,Inge & Angie have made this wonderfully easy. I've been wanting to do this for some time now. So maybe this was the universe telling me to do so.

If you choose to accept this mission come along with me on my fashion and a glimpse into my thrift, sister circle, work,HOUSE (dancing) life. So accidents can be happy. This is me stepping way outside my box. But , why the heck not? I've been doing that for some time now.

I kind of do a bit of this and a bit of that. I work in Telecommunications but baby! My after work life I volunteer at a thrift Boutique. I go to Summer fest in the Chi, the Go as the young folks say otherwise known as Chicago. I voice and MC Fleek markets (Like a flee market on steroids) in the Chi. I thrift And OP Shop almost everything. In my spare time I like going to the library with my neice on Star Wars Day and dressing up. At this point I try to live my life out loud.
Won't you come go with me on this journey. I don't know where we are going but I'm willing to enjoy and embrace the journey.

I f you have any helpful suggestions please feel free. Thanks Fam.


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The New Face of Veterans on Memorial Day......

Hey Fam. I just wanted to post this if you want to watch. It's 27 minutes in length. I am in the last 8-10 minutes with a fellow Combat Veteran.

All of these you women are in there early 30s but believe me when I say age ain't nothing but a number. I am 43 and I have mad respect for each one of them. They are part of my sister circle and my thrifting FB group. We get together when we can some in large groups. I am so fortunate to know these ladies. The connection was instant because Our sacrifice during war brought us together. Our bond forever is that we are sisters in Arms.

I just have 1 request well technically 2. On Monday Americas Veteran day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There lives. A moment of silence at 3:00 pm this is thes designated time for our nation to remember.

Next just if you run across a veteran. There are many of us. Say thank you for your sacrifice. It is so much more than I'm articulate enough to to express.

Meosha and Holly in the first and last segment are wounded medically retired veterans. Who you cannot see the physical disabilities and pain they deal with on the regular.

All of us suffer with some form of mental or physical wounds. I did not say that for sympathy. I said that because we even get push back from older veterans. ,our brothers and sisters in arms. It is so very challenging we have to earn a seat at the table.

Awe I don't mean to be preachy I respect all that have served and all that have sacrificed and all those that support. Anywho if you want to chec out the interview here it is. I provided a link.



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WIW....Miss Wille Dillo Photo Shoot

Hey YLF Fam! Picture me waving to everyone. So I was so inspired by 2 things. MISS Willo Dillo and Mrs. Roper from 3s Company. You young folks Google it. Hahahaha. Loved that show.

I love Miss W. DILLO very much and my Car Buddy Wolf E. is happy to have a sister. So here we are after church. She will be going housing with me this afternoon. I just don't take pictures while HOUSING. I have a crossbody chain I'm going to attach to the handles. Oh yes I also receive a gift inside Miss W. A beautiful Tiffany soap oh so beautiful. Thank you so much Xtabay for my purse buddy.

My folks wear all kinds of mumu and African GARB on A regular. I'm so lucky and blessed to be with a great faith community. I attend 2 churches. My Faith keeps me when in the valley. I tell you people either love her or look at her. I love her.

All thrift Baby or all Op Shopped.

I hope ya'll are not tired of me yet. Happy Sunday.


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W.I.W....HOUSE NATION 30,000 strong.

Hey YLF Family. Saturday was a great day 97 degrees outside in the Chi and the Living is easy breezy.

We went HOUSING/Dancing in the Park today also known as Grant Park in the Chi. From 3pm until 9. Whew, was I wiped out. You can do a Pinic and bring lawn chairs. So much fun. So what does one wear to HOUSE in the park? Why anything they darn well please. Festival gear, jeans and t shirts, boots and top hats, dressy fits and heels. We let our imagination run wild and all are welcome.

As for me. Well I live to dance. I need pockets in my fit. I don't like to carry bags they could get lost. I need flow and feet protection. I wear what's colorful, eye catching and has flow. Everthing is from the op shop except the boots. The lace is hard to see or photograph I tried my best. I found an inspiration photo and wanted to give my spin. As usual a whole lot of pictures to follow.

What I'm wearing:
Hat artist made by Sconi wear
Black mesh top Thrifted
Black lace skirt Thrifted (I cut out the lining of the lace skirt and wore a one piece skirt swimsuit underneath)
Bottle cap seatbelt belt Thrifted
Cherry red pleather boots my new favorite I can stomp with the best of them and feet protection.
I provided a link of a bit of today's music. HOUSE NATION 4LIFE



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Would you, Could you....Inspiration

So I had a chance to op shop several pieces of lace. A white lace top and black lace skirt and a white and polka-dot skirt.

I found this picture on the web. It is inspiration only. My translation will be wearing Combat boots that are knee high. I'm not sure yet about the foot wear. I'm wearing this fit for an all day Chicago event known as The Chicago HOUSE Party that will take place at grant park. We will also be having a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center. I've discussed HOUSE several times. So I'm gonna introduce you into my world a bit further. From 12:00am to 9pm. I will be downtown Chicago.

I am know as HOUSE. I'm one of those people that stands out for the type of clothing I wear and my style of dance. Thousands of people will be in attendance at this event. The weather will be spotty rain. So I chose lace because it is quick drying. I wanted to know if you had the opportunity would you go for it. I mean wear something similar? I would almost liken it to a style of punk rock known as AFROPUNK HOUSING.

I included a picture of the inspiration and I included a picture taken at last year's event. I also love to dance house is a mix of mosh pit afro punk, kickbixing and aerobics. Lol you'll be sweating at the end of the dance


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Post Apocalyptic Photo Shoot....

Hey YLF family. So this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. My birthday and finding the right photographer to do the shoot and to see my vision had to be found. The search stopped when I bumped into a wonderful photographer. Because my last non photo shoot had me all up inmy feelings. (Feeling sad and unloved for a brief moment) My shoot was all about ME.

My 42nd birthday was May 9th and I wanted to do something to really celebrate it. I contacted Robert Nunn photographer extraordinary to help me bring my vision to life.

No Makeup No Lipstick Just Me and My Perscription Sunglasses.

I wanted a post apocalyptic look and he did that.

All the clothes were Thrifted and styled by myself. I did not by anything new.

Robert is the wonderful photographer who did our 1st ever Thrift Tea Brunch he has an amazimg vision and sense of openness, joy, and a humble spirit that is phenomenal. My vision and fashion style and uniqueness could only be captured by him.

My advise to you is to never blend into the background you are worthy of so much more no matter what your size age or income. Never let your isms stop you from success.

This the link that was the final de yto do a photo shoot.



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