Proper Planning & Preparation...

Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The 7 Ps are normally referred to as "the 7 Ps"

Here I sit with a calendar in hand on the 1st days of the new year planning. I’ve decided to take a social media break so that I can figure out our year. Although I cannot plan for life. It is time to figure out how to LIVE DURING A PANDEMIC VS SURVIVING ONE.

All of 2020 was mostly getting my sea legs on so many levels. I know we have not been the only ones. In pockets of rare moments we have found absolute joy in the midst of Chaos. Only to have the things I used to enjoy shut down systematically.

One of my goals is to experience the great outdoors more that is one thing that cannot be shut down. So you may start to see more rustic photos and locations to include urban outdoor areas.

Lucky that Zi’Joy is easy to please and bribe with her favorites chocolate M&Ms. Athleisure Wear will come in handy this year. That and the great outdoors is great for my daughter’s recovery and strength building and my peace of mind.

This year will be about Proaction instead of Reaction.

A reaction forces us to consider what has happened to determine a solution. A proaction forces us to consider what will happen to determine a plan.

Cheers to a balanced new year.


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A visual feast for the eyes...

Hello family!

I hope that this post finds you well on your journey. Today at like to talk about creating a comfortable environment of where you work. Often times I read blogs about women and moms who working in very fashionable Industries or are stay-at-home moms or creative types. Being a mom who just returned to work 6 months ago for maternity leave I needed to create a space that would motivate me to work while trying not to miss my daughter too much as she went into her Learning Center or daycare. I started with a clean slate as I had not been back to work in almost a year and went from the ground up and in a couple of hours I turn my sterile office environments into a creative and productive space.

My workspace is a extension of what I wear. The colors the textures the visual as well as being very functionable. Austin & fashion we talked about form following function. And usually it's a given take you can't do one without the other I think. And so this post is a reflection of who I am the bright and colorful and also the studied in learning. I will call the leftt brain and right brain moment. Some days are harder than others leaving my daughter and going to work but I know that I am the main provider in the breadwinner for her so we do what we need to do. And I think we can do that stylishly.

So what I thought I'd do instead of add pictures of some of my outfits and also pictures comparing my outfits or correlating my outfits to my respective work site. Picture 7 is when I first return to work and picture 8 is my current situation.

Hope you enjoy the visual and thank you for reading. As usual be well on your fashionable Journey until next we meet.


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Reflections of wadrobe Happiness...

I started to think about this sparked by others like the beautiful thread Sterling wrote.

My work clothing as professional as it is for my career is both armor and uniform. While it is serviceable neat and clean. It sparks not one ounce of joy or happiness. Because I have to tone down who I am at work. It's a professional environment and that is what I have to be.

On the other hand.

When away from work and on weekends LEDONNA IS IN FULL BLOOM. That is the real me. The Quirky creative happy joyous one whom is loud and vibrant. I express all of this in passion in my clothing and how I live my life.

I bring elements of who I am to the table at work but not my full self.

My career can be very stressful and very demanding. No place was this more evident than when I became pregnant. In a classic male dominated field. I was transfered "for my own good" an extra 1hr commute away. Making my drive time 2 hrs. Bringing on high blood pressure swelling daily and streefull responses such as frustration and a bit of anger and resentment.

As soon as I was assigned bed rest. No working. My stress went away not really overnight but because there was no pressure I was able to do and wear what made me feel happy.

My BP again comes to mind. My Dr's the nurse and even I was suprised at how low my pressure was and how content and happy babby nugget was also.

So in retrospect i know i cannot let my job stress me and find a way to incorporate a bit more fun into it. Maybe now having a baby will also expand my joy.


What If.....

I find myself saying more often than not.

"Buy things for the life you have"

Instead of

"Create the life you want"

My friend Meosha says.....

"That's not my life"

Meosha gave me the most beautiful knit off the shoulder sweater. SHE Made THIS STATEMENT.

It got me to wonder. What if we created the life we wanted?

I just now remembered that is exactly what I DID.

From abused house wife and soldier. To Communications Engineering Free spirit. I created the personal/work life I wanted.

I was intentional about creating that life and getting it. Now people say you yes you are such a "free spirit" or "inspiration ". I say the same about Meosha. But we well all of us created this life we have now.

So my question to you is.

What if we created the LIFE WE WANTED?






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Would you, Could you....Inspiration

So I had a chance to op shop several pieces of lace. A white lace top and black lace skirt and a white and polka-dot skirt.

I found this picture on the web. It is inspiration only. My translation will be wearing Combat boots that are knee high. I'm not sure yet about the foot wear. I'm wearing this fit for an all day Chicago event known as The Chicago HOUSE Party that will take place at grant park. We will also be having a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center. I've discussed HOUSE several times. So I'm gonna introduce you into my world a bit further. From 12:00am to 9pm. I will be downtown Chicago.

I am know as HOUSE. I'm one of those people that stands out for the type of clothing I wear and my style of dance. Thousands of people will be in attendance at this event. The weather will be spotty rain. So I chose lace because it is quick drying. I wanted to know if you had the opportunity would you go for it. I mean wear something similar? I would almost liken it to a style of punk rock known as AFROPUNK HOUSING.

I included a picture of the inspiration and I included a picture taken at last year's event. I also love to dance house is a mix of mosh pit afro punk, kickbixing and aerobics. Lol you'll be sweating at the end of the dance


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