April Showers are Bringing May Flowers

I love coming up with post titles I know I’m not the only one.

Hey family we finally got to get out and visit one of our old stomping grounds in Chicago and the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago is just so beautiful. This was the 1st place I ever took Zi’Joy as a baby and you should have seen how happy she was as we made our 1st return in over a year.

We were most certainly matchy matchy it coordinating but as usual I cannot complete with her style. The flowers were on full bloom inside and out and we had to social distance and keep on our last but well worth it.

I’m wearing my comfy extra wide calf rain boots from Walmart size 12 and extra wide calf. Some denim clam diggers love these a wrap stripped top and carting my denim up cycled bag. My new hair. I did a pandemic cut last year and have been wearing head wraps but loving my Afro in these pictures. My camouflage all weather coat it’s my love and a wardrobe favorite.

Zi’Joy light up rain unicorn rain boots. Denim leggings stripped and grey high low top. Her hello kitty rain coat and her birth gift a kids camera.

Lately I’ve been intentional about taking a break from socidd as l media and work. So we take Wednesday’s off to just be. We had a great time

Although we stopped for ice cream Zi was upset they put it in a bowl lol

Let’s me know what you think.


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Pictures Summer Uniform/Epic Fail

See in my mind I saw something totally different.

Okay I’m gonna say it.

My summer uniform is a shapeless sack. I snapped a few pictures as my sister was in a fun mood. I look at them an 2 things stood out. Whew I’ve packed on the pounds and these dresses have no shape at all to them.

I love the colors I love the tiers but they are a tent like structure meaning none. Awe geeze well here’s the thing I still like them and I need to focus on my health and put down the carbs.

Wearing something just because I want to. Even though it’s unflattering is a new area for me. Maybe I should return them all. I probably won’t but maybe.

I could see bike shorts, peddle pushers or denim walk shorts underneath.

Honest comments are welcome. I already know. But your comments & feedback will All be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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