Somewhere over the Double rainbow...

Hello Family! Longtime no virtually see.

We chased a rainbow today. Well, actually yesterday. It was not just one but a double rainbow it must be a sign of things looking up or bright days ahead.

I'm just over here singing to myself I can see clearly now the rain
is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way......Its gonna be a bright,
bright sun shiny day.

When Obstacles are weighing us down and
we have no choice but to move forward. We can in fact endure and move
through valley experiences. We can choose to clean house and we can
choose to see the Double Rainbow.

So, My last post was about going for a stroll with Tem. Tem is my good,good friend who on last Friday asked me out officially foe the next day Saturday. Yes, singing "you dropped a bomb on me baby, you dropped a bomb on me" What? I'll get to that in a bit.

Tem and I went to an art gallery last night the Artwork was amazing and of course so was the pictures. Tem is truly a creative muse to me and I him. So the 1st set of pictures will be the ones from the art studio and rainbow chase. Lol

What I wore:
pair of denim jeans
tan Combat fashion boots
purple top
Denim vest
 purple earrings

The day before we just hung out at the local supermarkets and enjoyed each others company.

What I wore:
Dress from the Fleek Market
Combat fashion boots

Saturday night -Official date night

Thrift in Time & House of Tem: 1st "official" date

So I want to show these outfits that were thrifted and gifted with intentional love and kindness of Kings & Queens.

My look was created by (H.O.T.) Tem's House
House of Tem (H.O.T.)
Bouste spikes and roses
Skirt aligatior and tulle

Thrift in Time
Denim jacket thrifted
Boots friday sale day on Sassy Thrifters

Tem's look thrift and custom made by Tem
Hat custom made by Tem
Pinstripe jacket thrifted
Tuxedo aligatior pants custom made by Tem
Ascot made by Tem
Shoes Double monk straps bought on sale Tem
Tuxedo shirt thrifted by Tem

Tem created our 1st date outfits and officially asked me out on this past Saturday. We have been on a journey together for sometime now and it is directly a result of Sassy Thrifters and Tameka Grant. Sister Queen we both love you very much.

We, Tem and I are thrifty by existence and we are thankful that the Great I AM saw fit to put us together. He sees me, all of me and I see all of him.

Tem and I hung out at an artist crawl the friday before and after that was over he asked me out on an official date. I pretty much said no because we are friends among other things and our group dynamic would shift if we did this. I told Tem I would rather have him as a friend for life than eventually break up and have nothing.

Tem had the perfect response. Well now here we are. So I've included garments Tem has made for me in the past and as we move forward pray for us. Our dynamic has shifted.

Anyway, what is life but an adventure

As always thank you for the comments and viewing.

Tem creates all of his own clothes and I love that he took the time to find out what I truly loved and created both of our fits for our 1st date.

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  • replied 4 years ago

    So, are you and Tem dating? I got confused by the part where you say, "pray for us as we move forward as I've lost a friend" . You make it sound like somebody died but you are starting a relationship! Awesome!

    Tem sounds so very very sweet for making clothes for you and being so thoughtful on your first date! Wow! And it sounds like you two get along really well as friends. Oh and, um, he's not bad looking either ;)

    And really, I can't think of anybody who looks more powerful, happy, and stylish than you LeD. Your outfits are out of this world!

    Wishing you happiness today!

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Hey Smittie I took that part out.  It would require detailed explanation I'm not ready to give.  Thank you so very much for reading and responding. 

  • Kate replied 4 years ago

    You two make a handsome couple, Ledonna, and I wish you all happiness going forward with Tem. Love that pic of you and Tem in #22. I'm blown away by your fierce graphic b&w outfit in #27. And you also look very pretty in pink in the softer look of #26. 

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Thank you Kate I love the way Tem's clothing makes me feel as well as look.  27 is my most favorite but 26 is a Cat print so I love it also. 

  • RobinF replied 4 years ago

    Well, very interesting! Best wishes to you both. Good thing Tem doesn't seem to mind having his picture taken. :)

    Anyway, cute outfits. Love the 1st denim look, very subdued but with your style. And the dress in #27 is amazing!

  • kkards replied 4 years ago

    there's something about 27 that just takes me right to Diana Ross, needless to say, its FAB.

  • replied 4 years ago

    Ok LeDonna.
    I really like 27 too, for the drama, and the tie die top in 28, which is a really nice casual look.

  • Xtabay replied 4 years ago

    So happy for you, and the double rainbow is a very good omen of things to come!  You two look very fab and fierce together.  He'd better be good to you, or YLF will come down hard!

    "...and the world discovers as my book ends,
    How to make two lovers of friends." 

  • replied 4 years ago

    Whoot! I couldn't be more pleased for you Ledonna! You and Tem were meant to be. Ah-ma-zing photos as usual too.

  • replied 4 years ago

    You always gorgeous garments taste how beautiful you for the clothes I love

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    Gorgeeeeeous!! :D Y'all are the snappy couple!

    (And oh, if only I'd go somewhere besides Petco to see and be seen, lol ;) )

  • Jane replied 4 years ago

    Yeah! Great news! I've missed your posts!

    Lovely outfits and how romantic to have made your first date outfit.

  • Sally replied 4 years ago

    You make a gorgeous couple. As always I love your outfits but especially the black dress with the white underlay.
    I really need to improve my WIW locations as you have upped the game too much.
    As Rachy says if only i had somewhere to go and be seen. As long as the weather i might have a good location tomorrow.

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the comments and feedback.  I always kind of whisper out loud. "Is this my life"  as a born pessimist I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I commissioned Tem to make all of these outfits except for The black and white date night fit.  and the kitten skirt 16 & 26.  I always think of where I was and where I am now and what an evolution life is.  Feeling as if I have lived many lives. This current season is very good.

    I would dress up for Petco and have done so in the past.  Last night or the night of the double rainbow we had no plans and we chased the rainbow for a few hours and then we made it to the art gallery.  I was a lovely space but mostly we just sat and talked. 

  • Brooklyn replied 4 years ago

    You have amazing style and so does Tem. Love his hat. The double rainbow must be a good omen :)

  • Bijou replied 4 years ago

    This is wonderful news, dating your best friend is the best - I did it at 19 and now we have been married for 21 years and still enjoy each other's company as much as ever! Enjoy being swept off your feet by a man that knows and adores you for the wonderful person that you are. That he is so amazing at making clothes has to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  • goldenpig replied 4 years ago

    So happy for you! Tem sounds like a wonderful guy and you two make a super stylish couple. I love all the outfits especially the black and white dress. I can feel the excitement and happiness radiating from the pictures and your writing. I wish you both double rainbow happiness on your new adventures together!

  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    Both Tem & You look AMAZING, Donna!!!! #14 is just killer sexy!!!! <3

    Wishing you a million more double rainbows to go chasing around together, my friend! Cheers to a new new beginnings.....

  • replied 4 years ago

    I love the pic of you and Tem (#14) and the dress in #27 is seriously off the charts on you. Tem made that??? Amazing! 

  • Lyn D. replied 4 years ago

    And you both look Fab :)

  • Beth Ann replied 4 years ago

    A sewist/designer boyfriend?  

    I think you're gonna need a bigger closet.

    You look beautiful and happy (both of you).  Best wishes on your new relationship.

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Thank you all so much.  I'm loving being middle aged. It is like you still have youth but with it wisdom.  It is a happy season. Thank you for all of your well wishes. 

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