80's Custom Thrifted flare...


Hello Family,

I hope your day is going well. On this day it
was such a beautiful day out and I decided to wear this look for church
and the rest of the day. This look is not for everyone. I got alot of
the side eye in church but I am used to that. I don't have a name for
this skirt pants fit but I love it.

This is another creation by
Tem and he told me this is a reincarnation of a version of an 1980's
look. I thought I would go with a funky vintage type look. It has
been hot, hot, hot here in the Chi (Chicago) so I wanted a cool look.
This off the shoulder look was perfect weather. The neck piece was a
belt and can be used as a headband. The leather cuff was a belt that I
cut into a cuff.


Denim Skirt/shakatoes House of Tem (H.O.T.) Tem's House
Earing Artist Made

Sunglasses (Fleek Market) Borrowed from Tem
Neck piece -
Gold Top
Leather vintage belt
Wrist Cuff

I hate to post and run but I have a full day.  I will pop back in I promise. 
As always Thank you for reading, lurking, commenting or all 3. But comments are always welcome. Make today a great one.


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Feeling Great in my maxi with pockets

Greetings Family,

On this day I went to another Park with my Tem. Well this is a thrifting blog and we love doing things for Free 99. My whole style is taking a subtle fashion shift from hard core androgyny to gone with the wind fabulous. Sometimes before you know it things start shifting and I am just fine with it.

Tem is such a gentlemen and a lover of fashion and old fashion and has a romantic style . I love the fashion direction my style is taking and I feel as if that is the way I'm starting to shift. I wonder how many times I'm going to say that. Oh Lawd.

Okay as usual my look is a combination of thrifted and custom made. Tem has been in a flow lately with maxi skirts with pockets and I am loving this vibrant orange maxi skirt with deep pockets. Oh How we love pockets. Again I love purses and bags but I can actually put things in these pockets without them, my pockets looking bulky. I think by the time Tem is finished I will have a wardrobe full of maxi skirts. I am just fine with it. With past count I'm am up to 4 with in different prints.

White Peplum Mesh Top - Salvation Army
Gladiator Shoes
Bracelets- Fleek Market
Afro Earrings $1 Beauty Supply Store
Sunglasses from the Fleek Market Borrowed from Tem

Custom Made:
Orange Chevron Maxi Skirt by House of Tem (H.O.T.)

As always Thank you for reading, lurking, commenting or all 3. But comments are always welcome. Make today a great one.

Oh I included some shots that Tem Took while I was on the playground swing. I hope you all enjoy.


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Shokatoes the Original Harem Pant

Greetings Family
On this day my love Tem made for me these beautiful AFRICAN DANCE PANTS (SHOKATOES or DABAS) for me. We love to go dancing and for that I never feel comfortable in skirts or denim or tight fitting pants so I love the harem styles but want something with more of a African heritage flavor. These pants are just the thing. These were made from an fabric made in Africa.

Shokatoes-Male dancers wear loose fitting pants called “shokatoes” or “dabas” that, like lapas, keep with African dance tradition and give the dancer freedom to move with ease and add flair to African dance movements. Females can wear them too.

It doesn’t have to fit exactly - it’s a one size fits all. In African dance all body types are accepted. In regard to the size, the Shokatoes and Dabas make dancers feel more comfortable about themselves. It gives them a sense of protection. And it makes for a great fashion statement too!

I have written about HOUSE dancing before on the blog. I love calling it an aerobic workout sport. But really it is so much fun. I like the freedom of boots and pants like these. Tem surprised me with them and I love them. I love them so much because he makes deep deep deep pockets to hold my keys and cell phone and a bit of money. The items won't fall out of my pockets. On this day we spent the day at the park. We were at veterans memorial park. This was the first time baby girl was with us and she enjoyed herself immensely.

If you are in Chicago on August 27. A flee market called the Fleek Market will be going on. Tem will be there with more of theses styles. Stop by our table if not to purchase just to say hello. The Fleek Market unlike a lot of flee markets has free entry. Thrift in Time, House of Tem and Jewellery maker Amaya will be selling our wears as a united team. Yep it will be a family affair.


Artist Made:
Shokatoes Custom Made -House of Tem (H.O.T.) Tem's House
Hand jewelry -Amaya

Cold Shoulder Top
Neck Piece Garage Sale
Shoes thrifted long ago

As always Thank you for reading, lurking, commenting or all 3. But comments are always welcome.


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Artist Spotlight Blithe Jewelry

Greetings Family,

Today I wanted to spotlight an up and coming artist. Her name is Amaya and she has been making jewelry for 4 years. Her father is the amazing Fashioner Tem and he has been mentoring Amaya in the ways of stones and jewelry making. I have purchased several pieces from Amaya in the past Necklaces and bracelets.

I  must say that the quality and craftsman ship of the artisans pieces
that Amaya is making now is far beyond her 14 years of age. I have been
purchasing handmade custom pieces from various artist fro the past 15 years. Amaya is a rising star in herearly teenage years. I have a total of 10 customs pieces from Amaya now and all of them are at thrifty prices. Because I am a thrifter by heart but, I love to treat myself to artist made pieces.I wear hand jewelry when I do not feel like wearing necklaces or earings they just add another level of flavor to an outfit.  I love them specifically for dancing no necklaces getting caught on clothing. 

Amaya has moved into making Hand and Foot Jewelry that is next level. Her Jewelry line is called Blithe and her Instagram page is blithe_ jewelry . Please feel free to contact and or follow this young artist most of all
support, support, support. That translates into please think about
purchasing these beautiful one of a kind pieces from this fab artist.
Also will be appearing at the Fleek Market with her Dad and I so feel
free to stop by our table. Amaya is such a wonderful young person and
is making jeweler to help supplement her tuition for H.S.

As always Thank you for reading, lurking, commenting or all 3. But comments are always welcome.

Artist: Amaya

Company Name: Blithe Jewelry

Contact Information:
Work Number: House of Tem (1-708-477-5260)

What I am wearing
Jewelry by Blithe: Hand jewelry $15 ea Necklace $5


Fleek Market
Afro lady top

Amaya Thrifted head to toe


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Thrift Boutique Visit

Greetings Family,

We recently went on a Field Trip to a Wonderful Thrift Boutique. The Independently owned thrift is called Gilda Designer Thrift Boutique. The wonderful owner Gilda was gracious enough to allow us to interview her for our 1st Thrift in Time live blog post.

Name:Gilda Designer Thrift Boutique
Location: 2419 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
b/t Western Ave & Artesian Ave
Humboldt Park, West Town

Chicago has some of the best independent thrifts and I am very happy to introduce you to Gilda. This designer thrift has a mix of new and gently used treasures. The atmosphere is set as soon as you walk in. With Vivid displays and a wonderful presentation Gilda welcomes you no invites you to explore touch and look. Truly a visual feast for the senses.

On this day it was a beautiful afternoon and we decided to just be ourselves and Gilda herself is a very elegant yet down to earth woman just like her beautiful boutique. I decided to purchase a Beautiful silk kimono that I will have modified by my Fashioner (Seamster) and also a parasol for bright sunny days. Great to keep the Sun off of you.

Per usual I have included my mural finds around the Chi.  I hope you enjoy.  Picture 11 is my co-worker I met at at the thrift in a random way.

My look for this day was a total of thrift and artist made.

Earrings-Beauty supply store $1
Necklaces Artist made $5
Afro lady T-Shirt-New
Camo belt-$2
Denim jeans-$4

Purchased from Gilda
Kimono $25
Parasol $8

As always thank you for reading and all are welcome. Lurkers, readers, those who like to just look. But comments are always welcome.

Here is a link to the Life Video Let me know what you think.


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Afrcentric Photo Shoot

Hey Family!

What a wonderful weekend. Sunday was a Rollercoaster ride of awesome. These are the candid shots I took of a wonderful photo shoot that was put together by our very own Sassy Sister thrifting group Kelly W. and her wonderful Photographer daughter Miss. Alana

This photo shoot was as random as it was wonderful. Kelly posted a beautiful inspiration picture and had an idea to recreate it. Then she had the wonderful idea to make it happen. About 35-40 women said that they would like to be part of this iconic shot.

From there slowly but surely for whatever and. Varying reasons people could not attend the 1st planned shoot. It rained bad by the 2nd scheduled one and 3x is the charm. By then it was less than 10 of us and those whom cheered us on and gave support.

Ms. Kelly gave me life and inspiration and motivation. Having and idea seeing a vision planting it watering it and watching it grow. Again Sis thank you for this journey it won't be forgotten

I was not only dressing for the photo shoot I was dressing for the day. Church date night and photo shoot. It was such a great shoot. All around us was the heat beat of Downtown Chicago. We lived and breathed it. Chicago celebrated us with the people asking us what was going on. Citizens and touist of the Chi taking pictures and stopping traffic. People commented on how we gave them inspiration.

The last shot is the photo we wanted to recreate.

I feel as if we inspire each other. Here was my full look.

Everything Thrifted:
Butterfly African print dress $2
Leather belt $2
Headwrap from a thrifted dress
Wrist jewelry thrift store belt $1.5

Earing artist made.
Shoes new from Payless

As always thank you for reading and all are welcome. Lurkers, readers, those who like to just look. But comments are always welcome.

side note:

These pictures were taken in Grant Park at the Permanent Statues of Agora.

Here is a bit of information incase of interest:

Located along the southwest side of Grant Park, Agora is one of
Chicago’s most recent and important sculptural installations. Comprised
of 106 nine-foot tall headless torsos made of cast iron, the artwork
derives it name from the Greek word for meeting place. The figures are
posed walking in groups in various directions or standing still.
Internationally renowned artist Magdalena Abakanowicz donated the
sculptural group along with the Polish Ministry of Culture, a Polish
cultural foundation, and other private donors. Born into an aristocratic
family just outside of Warsaw, Abakanowicz (b. 1930) was deeply
affected by World War II and the forty-five years of Soviet domination
that followed. In her journals, she writes that she has lived “…in times
which were extraordinary by their various forms of collective hate and
collective adulation. Marches and parades worshipped leaders, great and
good, who soon turned out to be mass murderers. I was obsessed by the
image of the crowd… I suspected that under the human skull, instincts
and emotions overpower the intellect without us being aware of it.” The
sculptor began creating large headless figures in the 1970s. Initially
working in burlap and resin, she went on to use bronze, steel, and iron.
Although Abakanowicz hasfrequently exhibited in museums and public
spaces throughout the world— Agora is her largest permanent


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Date night Star Trek movie

Greetings Family

I wanted to share this date night custom and thrifted look.

This was our Wednesday Date night we are both big Sic-Fi fans. We love love Star Trek. Tem Designed and sewed these wonderful NFL Star Trek Hoodies. The best part about mine was it was the NFL hoodie was cut to fit a woman's body. Our outfits were custom & thrifted.

Usually I don't wear hoodies at all the women's are sometimes to small for my 2x self and the men's are to big. This one fit just right it said it was a 4x but who cares? I normally don't look at the tags or sizes and it fit perfectly. Tem custom made these the same day which was Wednesday night. We had a late night date and a stroll around downtown Chic. I love the city late at night. Just peaceful and quite.

Oh it was not to hot outside in the evening because the Chi has been getting hot and it was freezing in the movie theater.
Tem's House is a master Fashioner and he creates custom gowns,suits and other tailored made pieces.


Thrift in Time
Tennis Shoes -Rocket Dogs retail $44 paid 6
Yoga pants- $3.99

House of Tem ( H.O.T.)
Timberland Boots
News Boy Hat

Custom Made
His & Her Star Trek Hoodies.
House of Tem (H.O.T.)

Until Next Time Be well.


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Speaking of Polish and Style

Hey Family! I've been meaning to write about this fit for a couple of weeks. Sometimes life gets away with us. I loved this fit unfortunately my thrifted shoes bit the dust. I thought this was a great kick off as I never wear Toenail polish.  I rarely get pedicures it is a special treat and only get clear polish.  I usually wear boots or closed toe shoes year round so it does not really matter to me.  About a month ago I went on date night and wore some peep toe boots.  This fit right here is my 2nd time in my life wearing peep toes .  The bright yellow made me so happy whenever I looked down. 

It made me remember that Brady Bunch Song (SunShine Day)

I'm listening as I type it. I love this song.

My lovey sister and I were running errands and we went to a local community fest in our neighborhood. After that we went to our local Veterans Memorial park to just well take pictures of my Fit of the day and enjoy the weather. I live in a little suburb of Chicago and it really has a hometown feel.

Well now on to the meat and potatoes of the blog what I wore. You all have seen these pants before. They are like a high waist yoga print pant I love them. The top is like a very lightweight knit poncho reminiscent of a southwest theme. The shoes I blogged about before when I bought them in my $5 hollar boots. Earrings as usual thrifty price.

Oh I almost forgot. My boots fell apart ;( oh well one time wear less than a happy meal). They were cute for a minute. I have to be sure to check the soles of the shoes this is the 2nd time this has happens to me. Oh well onto the next.

The next being my wonderful sister who gifted me these shoes she wore in a recent wedding. The fit like a 2nd glove and will be worn on a date night. I love them and They are even better than the $5 hollar because she only wore them for the wedding for a few hours. My sister has been in a lot of weddings so I just might raid her closet because she does not wear heels and these she gifted me are lace peep toe with sparkles.

Let me know what you think of the fit or just say hello. I love it all. Have a great one until next time.

Top southwest style knit poncho
High-waist printed wide leg pants
Pink and Black Peep-Toe Boots ($5 Holla)

Artist Made:
1 statement earring.

Replacement peep toe boots Black (Free99)


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