Copper & Blue

Hey Fam! I've not been posting that much I've been off doing real life stuff but I wanted to post this fit. I liked it so much.

The jeans are a kind of liquid copper color they fit so well. I had thrifted a pair that wound up in the donation pile because they were a size to small. I then found these at the op-shop. I was so lucky.

The blue high-lo top is quite sheer I need the correct undergarments for these things. It blows so pretty in the wind.

The gladiators are the closest thing to sandals I will come to. My summer shoe wadrobe is seriously lacking.

I notice that in a lot of my pictures I am wearing the same cuff. I guess that means that I like it.

The Bag was an upcycled gift.

As always thanks for reading and or looking but comments are always appreciated.

Thrift in Time, T-N-T BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top-thrifted Unique
Copper Jeans Thrifted
Earings Thrifted
Cuff Thrifted
Shoes- from Shoe Tyme
Bag Upcycled Gifted.
Pictures by TEM


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The weekend

Hey family it was such a great weekend and this picture right here sums it all up! This is probably one of the most memorable weekends I have ever had in
my life. I am gonna overshare like I always do. My friends say I need
to self edit. Meaning I need to only show the best of the best pictures
on my blog. I want to but I figure a lot of people are like me we love
to either read, look at the pictures or both. I love to do all of the

My Friday was spent
volunteering at C2C Combat to Chic helping to put away clothing stocking
racks and just talking. Saturday was spent trying to MC an event that
is a Flea market, we call it a Fleek Market and volunteering to collect
clothing for C2C and then driving for the overnight stay at Cantigny.

Saturday-My day started at 8:00 a.m. Helping to set up and just visit
the Sassy Thrifters at our Fleek Market booths. This is a Flea market
put on by founder Tameka Grant. It is one of the largest Flea Markets on
the South Side of Chicago held in the Historic Bronzeville
neighborhood. I hosted the Fashion Portion of the Event. We have
music,food,fashion show and vendors sells loads of good treasures. With
13,000 strong it is a great event. We stayed until 3 p.m. So many
good people I have met just by opening my mouth. lol

After That
we had dinner and team building exercises a veterans overnight event.
We Cantigny (Pounced like Con-Toe-knee)One Savvy Veteran
treated some lady veterans to an overnight retreat which included a
concert...private museum tour...dinner...and a HOUSE! It was such a
beautiful moment in my life. I'm providing a link to explain what the
museum and grounds are about. It is basically a division of the Army
called the Big Red 1. http://www.firstdivisionmuseum.....intro.aspx

After That we had dinner and left on Sunday morning.

Sunday we drove back to the Chi and celebrated a Women's Veteran
Warriors Empowerment Luncheon Retreat. So many beautiful women from
those who served in Vietnam to Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. Those who have
retired honorable discharged and currently serving. I don't even have
to words to tell you how much meeting about 40-50 women wow, just wow.
The speakers were amazing and REAL, Not just happy happy happy good
feeling words or drivel. But the meet and potatoes about our struggles
and journey. Without having to say anything we already knew.

weekend was pretty much One Savvy Veteran, Combat To Chic, Sassy
Thrifters and Fleek Market. Chicago at its finest in the Summertime.

As always Thank you for reading lurking or just commenting.

All of my outfits were thrifted but my White Lenin jumpsuit was made by my wonderful friend (H.O.T.) House of Tem.


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I took a walk

Happy Friday Family.

Does anyone know the song by Passion Pit Take a Walk:?  If you don't it's a great song and I provided a youtube link. Songs and dancing fill my soul with joy.

Sometimes do you ever feel like you need to take a walk?  By yourself or with a friend.  Life seems to weigh us down and sometimes you cannot see your path clearly it gets crowded with thoughts, work, bill, responsibility, family demands, demands demands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been sometime sense I've just taken a walk and this was a beautiful day to take a walk and vent the frustrations that had been building.  By the end of the of the walk I felt that my burdens has been put into perspective.  Noting really resolved but by clearing my head space I could see my path a little clearer.  I would recommend taking a walk if you can even if it is just around the bldg at work.  I work across the street Lake Michigan but I have become dimmed to its beauty.  I remember seeing it for the first time and rejoicing in how I could work across the street from such a beautiful thing and how it would bring me pleasure just going to eat by the lake. 

I thought as I was fresh out of the military how in the world could anyone work when they are right across the street from this?  It fades into the background and the noise of life that is how.  I have to see it with fresh eyes and so I took a walk.  I walked in one of the most beautiful gardens in the middle of the city.  It was so refreshing.  We had old men talking to us we saw geese and ducks and for a few we received a respite from the outer world.

I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy each other.  As always I've included pictures of my friends. 

My fit was thrifted from head to toe.  I guess by now you all know that I love flow due to personal summers and and how it looks so easy breezy. 

As always comments would be loved and or just stop by to say hello.  I've included the

I took a walk lyrics

All these kinds of places
Make it seem like it's been ages
Tomorrow's sun with buildings scrape the sky
I love this country dearly
I can feel the lighter clearly
But never thought I'd be alone to try
Once I was outside Penn Station
Selling red and white carnations
You were still alone
My wife and I
Before we marry, save my money
Brought my dear wife over
Now I want to bring my family state side
But off the boat they stayed a while
Then scatter cross the course
Once a year I'll see them for a week or so at most
I took a walk
Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Take a walk, oh-oh-oh
Take a walk, oh-oh-oh
I take a walk
Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Practice isn't perfect
With the market cuts and loss
I remind…



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High-end, Low-end and somewhere in the middle.

Well hello Family this was inspired by our Angie. I am the hugest proponent of thrifting or op-shoping. There are many who do not have the budget to remake or create a wardrobe from middle to hi-end stores. My clients and I often shop at thrifts or Op-shops. I just love that name Op-Shop thank you Sally for that. It just sounds so much better to me as an American lol.

I often 90% of the time purchase from the Op-Shops but the other 10% is a splurge on myself. I don't do Ann Kline & Michael Kors. They have enough people to keep them in business 4 ever. I like designers like (H.O.T) House of Tem or Creative Flow by Oshun Bey or Hand Cady Couture by Naketa Grant. While most of you have never heard of these names. Just as many have and we slay all day in these one of a kind handmade creations. Each designer is different but each brings something to the table that I or others love.

People have a misconception that because I op-shop or thrift that I am
cheap I’m not. My choices are transparent. Yes I will brag about a
deal found but I will also brag just as much about the beauty that is
custom like my (H.O.T.) grown that was made.

Concerning the gown heard round the world.
This gown is a custom made piece. It is beautifully designed in every way from the Fashioner (H.O.T.) HOUSE OF TEM Tem's House. His custom designed pieces are worth every bit of what I paid for them. Yes, sister has 2 custom pieces and will be INVESTING in more. I love me so I'm worth it. I'm sure you can find something similar If you truly are LUCKY in the thrift.

Heart to heart moment. Not everything I wear is thrift.

I thrift so that I can live and retire travel and purchase things that I love like couture hand made from (H.O.T.) OR HAND CANDY COUTURE.

My friend Angela Smith Sew Sistah of Thrift in Style spoke truth to power that even thrift vintage pieces may cost more than $50 +. My Thrift $$$ are not your $$$ and that is okay. We have to train ourselves to know that we are worth a splurge sometime.

If you want to reach Tem please contact him here with serious inquiries only.
I've included pictures of my designer items and my thrifted finds all are special to me.

As always thank you for your comments and or just looking at the pictures. I know I can be long winded but hey, what are you gonna do. I love pictures and writing. Have a great one.


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The Weekend Looks.....

Hey Family. I hope you all had a great weekend! Well, I really had a great one. Thank you for asking. We went to a paint your jeans party and we hosted our first fund raiser,went to church and just made the most of the beautiful weekend.

Saturday was such a lovely day. Being able to sleep in is a must do on everyone's list. Sometimes it is just so nice to veg out. We had an event the Paint your jeans party on Saturday afternoon from 1:00 - 4:00 at a wonderful library. Did you know you can reserve a room in any Chicago Library for free? Yeah, I did not know either. You can bring in nonalcoholic drinks and food and conduct your event. How beautiful is that? I took my youngest niece Ashay and for some reason here our are conversations lately.

Ashay " what are we doing?"
Auntie "we are going to a paint your jeans party"
Auntie "because it will be fun and introduced you to something different "
Ashay "when"
Auntie "today at 1 remember I have been mentioning it for the past 2 weeks"
Ashay " ?" (Total silence)
Ashay " auntie Donna this will be cutting into my library time"

(Side note: the library is the new epicenter for the teen)

Auntie "Ashay we will be at the library trust me it will be fun!"
Ashay "Who will be there"
Auntie "We will be there and I think you will have fun meeting some other creative teens like yourself"
Ashay. "K"

I swear to you all these are the conversations we have had sense she has turned 14 and graduated from 8th grade. I'm sitting back wondering what happened to my baby who wanted to go everywhere with Auntie Donna just because. Now it's like the 5 questions Who, What, When, where & How. Lol. Well we got there and she enjoyed herself and even found herself a kindred sprit in my friends daughter. Who was there but sat in the corner listening to what every teen listen to now a days. Taylor Swift or something.

The class was really fun and packed out about 50 people showed up. It was a
a fund raiser hosted by One Savvy Veteran the classes or events are very affordable like $10. This was my 2nd event from OSV and it won't be my last. You know I had to be different and I brought a denim shirt instead of jeans I also brought a denim hat. The class was about 3 hours with snacks. The kids I mean teens gravitational pull meshed and they found each other. From what I saw they did not talk but somehow found common interest. I just don't understand the teens but they get each other. This was the conversation at the end of the day.

Ashay "Auntie Donna?"
Auntie "yes?"
Ashay "when's the next party"
Auntie "did you have fun?"
Ashay "it was okay "
Auntie "good"
Ashay "she likes Anamie"
Auntie "is that a good thing"
Ashay "yes"

Well that is a full blown conversation Saturday was a good day.

Sunday was a beaut day again the 90s. I went to a 7:30 Church service and it the parking lot of our big church was this fantastic car on hydraulic lifts. It was truly amazing I was thinking I would love to meet the person and get their story. Well it was Father's Day and the church celebrated them. It was a good service. I wore my paint your jeans denim top. I did not take pictures because everyone was sleep in the house. That afternoon I hosted my first fundraiser.

In giving back I wanted to host a fundraiser and have some fun. The event which was titled a Thrift in Time Health & Wellness event. We went to a place called Brooklyn Boulders in the South Loop of The Chi. The tickets sold out but only an intimate group showed up. This place had great climbing walls but we all decided to go to the Yoga class. Now tell me why did we wander into the advanced yoga class. Oh man. Not a problem the instructor modified the class for our group we all had fun. Yoga is a sweat your but off core work out. I would challenge the Military to incorporate this activity into its excise program.

The money we raised can provide 11 plush toiletry bags for 11 women veterans in need or 5 lavish dinners for 5 veterans or groceries for 1 woman veteran and her family...way to make an impact.

Well at the end of Sunday it was a good day. I chilled with the family and just enjoyed the basketball game until I fell asleep. I just like Step Curry. I hope you all had a great one.

Oh okay I know I forgot to talk about the clothing.

Saturday a bit of pattern Mixing.
Striped black and white asymmetrical dress
Leopard print lace up flats
Simple silver earrings and a cuff

Sunday Yoga clothing and denim shirt.

All the items were thrifted

The last pictures are this weekend murals that I saw while out and about.

As always Thank you for reading look and or commenting.


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An Unexpected Evening OUT

Hey Family, Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made it through. lol
So last evening I got a call form my girl Meosha saying "Hey what time do you get off work? " Then "come on a go with me to a evening event." Now I work in the Chi Downtown and my IT job of boots and jeans does not an evening out make. My home location on a great day is still an 1 hour drive with no traffic on the expressway. It just so happened there was a major accident on the express way. I was on the phone using bluethooth tech. Anyway point being I was not ready for an evening out in the Chi.
My brain must have been on autopilot because Meosha is owner of the Charity One Savvy Veteran & Combat to Chic which carries all of the necessaryitems for an evening out. Plus my friend and The Fashioner Tem is on Sight (Fashion Tailor Supreme) So Over to Combat to Chic I went. To Spend my money on a fab gown and jewellery for an unexpected evening out. Only one problem I was not driving anywhere. Unfortunately there was a major accident 5 firetrucks and more police on the express. I don't know the outcome but I pray for those people.

After navigating and warning my people to stay off the drive I finally made it to Combat to Chic. Now let me set the atmosphere of C2C it is the perfect Clothing for Thrift Boutique for Work,Weekend and Evening wear. Shoe sizes range from 5-13w and clothing from sizes 0-30. Yep, I do volunteer there and know that the selection process is through and tough. You would be surprised at what people will donate most times in a happy pleasant way. Some rare occasions I think "What in the heck was someone thinking" High-end boutique means high-end lol at thrifty prices. You all know I got my 4pr of boots from there last week for $5 each.

So I arrive at C2C and think what am I gonna wear. The Fashioner Tem was there and my 4th favorite vet Jared. Ya'll he is movie star fine and he was former Army and Tem is not bad himeself. How could you not love that. Now I know what your thinking why is Jared hanging out at C2C? I told you that C2C is an unexpected kind of place. You get next level conversation, sister & brother talk. I find Meosha had stepped out and Tem and Jared were there talking sports and clothing. WHAT, WHAT,WHAT WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? At C2C that is where.

I said Tem the Fashioner I need something quick. I said hey to Jared and Tem, Tem says he has 3 dress I can try. What, What, OMG I was like alright. Jared is there having 5 suits tailored and Tem is working on a waistcoat for a young man and his prom in addition to finishing up a stunning look for a clients 50th birthday. Meosha comes back and says don't try that one gown on its a dream killer. lol I said ok and Tem says here try this one. I found my dream dress again. Yes Tem can create both male and female exquisiteness from thin air and a sewing machine.

Now what to do what to do about jewellery shoes and the dressing goodies. Well C2C has everything. Earrings for .50 cent, necklaces for $1, shoe between $5-$10 I was set with a couple of try ons and suggestions. I found my look. Into the dressing room and out with a couple of alterations to my gown that I wound up buying the whole look. I styled myself and then we had more conversations and photo shoots. I love my tribe. They don't mind pictures and they bring the party and life to any situation even to a thrift shop that beyond a thrift shop.

So we were off and going to our event for the evening. You all this venue was amazing. It was celebration and fundraiser for the Rivendell theater. We slayed Meosha looked like she stepped out of a fairy-tale book and well I slayed. lol We were treated to a wonderful evening of celebrations, singing, light food and adult beverages. I had the most amazing experience. Such a Grand Time.

Last pictures are of cute Jared & Hot Tem. Lol  I forgot to mention that I had on some beautiful size 11w shoes but they hurt my feet on the walk to the car.  I was like oh no and changed into my leather pair of flatforms.

Well, I hope your still with me If you are thank you for reading.
But we always like comments.

My fit was care of HOUSE of TEM and Combat to Chic

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Ge'Le' Day and Summer Neutrals..

Well, Well, Well I think this ties in perfectly. My version of summer neutrals. Camo & Black.....what say you?

Gele Day is a MOVEMENT.
We've been in formation since 2012.
The Wrap Your BeYOUty Mantra:
"We stand beneath our tower of power.
We love like shower, We bloom like flower.
We wrap our heads like the Queens of old!
Our beauty is bold...
We shine like pure GOLD!!!"
And Queens Be Like...
"GELE” pronounced gaye lay, is an African head wrap/head-tie that has its roots in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa.

Last year 2015 was my first Gele (Gaye lay). Now almost 1 year later I am one of the brand ambassadors. One this journey that I call life I was at a certain place in my life. I was intentionally creating the life that I wanted. I wanted to surround myself with what I call the light. You know when you see others walking in their own beauty, power,fashion, style and grace. This is all manifested from the inside out. I thought that if I wore the right clothing everything else would flow. Gele is a headwrap but the truth of the matter it that it is about honoring self, loved ones,Mother Earth and father sky and the Universe essentially all things. Every Wednesday I will be sharing part of my journey and how I WRAP your beYOUty Movement.

For today I decide to take the women in my family to our local Veterans Memorial Park. This park was dedicated in 2008 to the sacrifices that our WWII veterans have made. I thought I would combine my love of the Army as a veteran and theWRAP your beYOUty Movement. For me all are intertwined. Having some of the women from my family there just made this more special to me. Honoring our generations past and present thinking about the journey we have been on together and separately.

I've included pictures from my first 2015 Gele day and what I wore. I hope you enjoy the visual feast.

Gele is open to all this is my journey won't you journey with me?

Join the Movement!

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

63rd & Hayes Beach Park
11a.m. - 3p.m.
(No entry fee all are welcome)

Pilar creator and founder "Ase O! Many blessings to all the Sisters whose beautiful souls are reflected in these photos, as well as those who were with us in spirit! . Sit back, relax and enjoy the energy that oooozes from these photos. I laughed and cried at the beauty of it all. If you have not yet done so, please like our page, WRAP your beYOUty Movement and continue to spread love throughout our communities...Don't forget to SANKOFA IT! & in all things LET LOVE RULE!!! See you all at our 5th year Anniversary next year, GELE DAY 2016!!! Ase! Amandla! Odabo! "

Link to Gele day

F.B. Page;fref=ts

What I'm wearing:
Knee High lace up boots-Thrifted from a Sassy Thrifter barely worn
Camouflage walking shorts-Thrifted
Gele T-Shirt
Camo abstract print scarf-thrifted
Earrings-artist made
Sunglasses-prescription ray bans

As always Thank you for lurking,reading or commenting. All are welcome.
1-9 Ge'Le' (photo shoot)
10-25 Ge'Le' 2015 pictures
26-30 Ge'Le' brand ambassadors meeting and photo shoot
31-32 last Wednesday Ge'Le' wrap look and meeting
33-35 Ge'Le' sight we will be at lakefront Chicago


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Weekend Work & After Work Flow...

Geek Chic

Happy Tuesday Family today I wanted to talk about Geek/Nerd Chic. This can really mean what ever you want it to mean. Growing up for me it meant I was the odd ball. I loved Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Reading Sci-Fi staying at the library until it closed or until the street lights came on and I would have to hightail it home on my huffy bike. As an adult it is much more the "in thing" To be.

So on Saturday there was this big festival going on in the Pileson neighborhood in Chicago. All of these young people were dressed in festival wear. As we were crossing the street we saw Deadmouse5 & A double light saber. I about done passed out. Oh my gosh hahahahahahahahalololo I walked quickly towards them and had a great conversation. Ya'll know I love to talk. We talked about how they made the costumes and how it was good to be so young and free. I want to encourage that creative spirit within myself and those around us.

We can let outside voices and inside voices weigh our creative spirit down. Anyway. I don't want to get preachy. For my birthday in May I was gifted Star Wars banks which I love then they had Star Wars Night at our local library. So it must have been fate to run into these young men on Saturday.

This is a typical WIW while at work with no customers on a Saturday. I work for a major a University in Evanston/Chicago Illinois. When it's just me this as causal as it gets. Again I wear Jeans And suspenders 5 days a week usually with a button up vest. But, on the weekends I'll put on a graphic T-shirt today's Graphic Tee is deadmau5 and denim Levi high top shoes. Being from Chicago I grew up listening to house music as A kid.
Chicago house generally refers to house music which was produced during the mid-1980s and late-1980s within the term is generally used to refer to the first ever house music productions, which were by Chicago-based artists in the 1980s. With a deep base or drum rhythms usually made with mixing music on records. Every summer in Chicago one of the largest House Music Parties are held Called the Chosen Few Picnic it is really great music and great people and you do so much dancing that it's the best aerobic workout ever.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known by his stage name deadmau5, is a Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer from Toronto, Ontario.

So I am a maximal I thing by now you all know that. Let me know if I post to many pictures. If you think so then I will try to self edit.

As always thank you for reading commenting or just looking at the pictures. But it is more fun to comment.


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Sneak Peak of Veterans urban photo shoot.....

Hello Family Happy Monday. Lets Make it a good one.

Today I wanted to share with you a bit of what I would like Thrift in Time to be about. The direction is not to only spotlight what I wear but to spotlight people I meet along this journey. We will also be doing plenty of Fashion. I was part of an Veterans Urban Photo Shoot. I reconnected and spoke with so many veterans this weekend at event called the Stand Down.

Stand Down-
The stated goals of a Chicago Standdown are to provide a respite from the rigors of life on the street, help veterans obtain housing and establish a source of income, and stabilize medical conditions. However, just as important as these, is the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution veterans have made for all of us.

This was my first time at a Standdown here in the Chi and I did not fully understand what it was. Although my friend of One Savvy Veteran and Combat to Chic. Explained the mission of The Chicago Stand down my brain could not fully comprehend the magnitude of the whole concept.

It did not fully register until I arrived on site. I'm one of those veterans that self-isolated and never connected with the veteran community. While others tend to gather in PODS like families homless, disabled and able bodied veterans connecting no matter of person color or gender. When I walked in I was instantly overwhelmed and grateful that I had decide to come. I checked in with My DD214 because I had misplaced my military I.D. I was given a shirt that said StandDown Chicago 2016. I embraced by Meosha and She was passing out personnel Hygiene Bags for Women Veterans. I often mention One Savvy Veteran and Meosha Because of the work that she does with Homeless and Transitions Women Combat Veterans. The sole operation is off of donations and proceeds raised by Combat to Chic
I was overwhelmed with the love The women veterans had for Meosha and how she knew each and everyone of them by name. The veteran community is a network of interwoven communities. Imagine almost 700 veterans on this day the Day before it was or might have been double that. Of that 700 I think I counted 50 women from all Branches. It was truly love.

I took picture of many things bu the best one was a Vietnam Women Veteran who helped an Injured Iraq veteran put her injured leg up on a chair and they just talked to each other and had a shared commonality. Instant kinship formed despite time and location.

Next I would like to introduce you to Michael Pierce my Former Supervisor. He has moved on to another department with in Information Systems that I work in. He is a big man with Hair that was one healthy thick and luxurious. I had hair envy that is for sure. Michael served in Vietnam and has been working for the university for the longest time. Last weekend he completed a 5k walk run. His spirit is amazing and in my eyes he is a hero. Mike Walked/Ran in the Northwestern University Cancer 5k he is going through cancer treatment and chemo but you would be hard pressed to tell. I see the struggle but, as former military does we push through.

I am blessed to work along side so many veterans and acknowledge the work that we do at work, church, in charities, and in our own volunteer times. For me the Stand Down was a journey I needed to take. This is mostly for homeless veterans and I could see why. The supporters and sponsors gave away personnel cleaning items, clothing, wash towels, underwear, Blankets, Shoes Boots, food, etc, etc, etc. I felt unworthy of accepting such Items. We were given tickets and assigned a wrist band. Mine was 656 I will never forget. I was the second to last in line. As I saw the veterans line up to receive these items all I could think about was there are so many homeless an so many in community and so many who help on a daily like One Savvy Veteran, Combat to Chic. Walgreens and the American Red Cross and so many others. Com Ed. There are so many programs to help veterans and combat veterans. It brings joy to my heart.

I donated all my gear I received to One Savvy Veteran to help other Women Combat Veterans in similar situations who were unable to make it to the StandDowm.

Per usual all items I wear are donated. I hope by now you all know how in love I am with harem pants. It was in the 90s this weekend. Oh my goodness.

Until Next time Thank you for reading and Checking out the pictures, commenting and/or stopping by.


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My Friday evening....

Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent & superman because of my workday and after work weekend life.

A day in the life of Thrift in Time.....well more like an evening in the

So many things happened and as the days get hotter in the Chi there is so much more to do. After a vey long week at work I wrapped up the evening by connecting with One Savvy Veteran and HOUSE of Tem . I had some styling purchases to make for customers connect with OSV for combat veterans discussion. Next to H.O.T. For a fitting for myself. A beauty of a white jumpsuit. My first fitting was wonderful H.O.T House of Tem Has a wonderful Turn around time for clothing. After that it was a quick Thrift buy from a Sassy Thrifter at a Sassy Thrifters event called Makeup & Mimosas. After that I went to Combat to Chic thrift Resale Boutique for the rest of the evening to put together looks for clients and my final fitting and dinner with the our creative thing tank. SHE-E.O Meosha T., Fashion Designer Tem, Thrift Stylist and blogger Ledonna N. Hahahahahaha lolo but really.

One Savvy Veteran is doing so many great things for Female Combat Veterans and I am so happy to be volunteering with the organization. I have to somehow submit a proposal for an opportunity to represent in a small way combat to chic. I'm not sure what to even say. As a stylist it comes easy. Writing to you Fam. is easy I can do it all day and night long. Putting pen to paper for something I wan to do is challenging. I'm being pushed and stretched in ways that are outside of my comfort zone but I want them so bad.

Next it was a visit to H.O.T. For another fitting. My linen jumpsuit is AMAZING I love it so much. The craftsmanship is everything did I speak about the turnaround time? Less than a week for an Original H.O.T. The price point was very Thrift in Time pleasing. We love the fit and took many pictures it was very hard to edit myself so I'm just gonna post them all. Why have a blog of you cannot share the pictures? Next it was on to my Thrift BUY.

Sassy a Thrifters is a wonderful FB page started by founder Tameka Grant . She creates and fosters an amazing atmosphere where people including myself feels welcomed to blossom into who they are meant to be. Sort of like my Virtual hahah well on Friday evening they had a beautiful event called Makeup and Mimosas. It was such a wonderful event but I did not participate. I'm a Taurus and slow to change. No makeup to full makeup is, well it may take some time. I must say the pictures from the event looked wonderful. Now why was I there. Well it was because I was there to do a Thrift in Time buy. A pair of the elusive 11 wide width lace up summer boot. Theses bad boys are a crown jewel. Not to self must do summer maintenance. Hahaha you know Fam . Oh the ladies led by Tameka were on a natural high of energy and eager for the instructor to empower them all. Ladies of every shade background and age it was a great mix of people. Makes me thing I should try it. Maybe.

Taurus are stubborn and mule headed sometimes.

After that I headed to Combat to Chic for my final fitting for my Designer one of a kind H.O.T design and to purchase some items for one of my clients. Yes Ya'll I'm making the thrifty look Stylish by Thrifting in Time. Just because I purchase and shop for my clients and myself from The thrift does not mean that I am cheap. I support local businesses and artist especially if they can always slay to the Fashion GAWDS!!!!! Tem is on that short list for me. This has a beautiful one shoulder look. Double faced and shear sleeve and back pleated and pockets and touching on the side to allow me to tie it up or down. Yes I can HOUSE dance and be free. This is a winner.

Some local shopping for my clients. I'm so happy that people put there trust in my styling expertise. Thank you for going on this journey with me. I style for others but don't necessarily give them my look. My style aesthetic is afro-steampunk. But I can style a client so that they can slay in their own Thrift in Time way. It does not matter the age time or place. I feel very confident in saying that. I know my journey. So thank you all for reading and now here comes a boat load of pictures.

it was hot as hades outside. So I tried to be comfortable as possible. I blouses my pants like I used to do in the army to make them look like harems and the best part were my size 11 wide shoes. Kinda urban warrior Queen looking.

Pic- 1-12 my look 13-20 M&M, 21-33 H.O.T. House of Tem, Tem. Jumpsuit designer, 34-38. SHE-E.O. Of One Savvy Veteran & Combat to Chic 39-40 another veteran he is a light weight bonner and a veteran. He lives above the resale shop Meosha operates. How lucky and stylish. He had an umbrella sleeve made of leather and canvas.

Almost forgot my look was thrifted for less than $10
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One Savvy Veteran;fref=ts

Combat to Chic;fref=ts

House of Tem;fref=ts


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