Baby wear?????

Hey Family!

Did you know they have names for EVERYTHING now?

So baby wear is just carrying your baby in a sling or wrap close to the body. I'm almost 7 weeks post delivery but, I had yet to purchase a stroller or carrier besides the car seat. I know bad mommy. Lol not really.

There are so many on the market being plus size is an added challenge. Most stores dont have them out so you can try them on. I swear it's just like fashion. There is no one size fits all. After researching, reviews and youtube my brain kinda shut down.

Finally i just got tired of carrying the car seat everywhere. The weather is getting beautiful out here and I want us to go out. So I finally made a trip to the store to purchase. Armed with great information. So we are finally ready to be mobile.

My recent birthday I decided go wear you guessed it Camouflage and also baby nugget. I often time wonder how much different camo I have in my wadrobe. I'm starting to collect it for baby Zi'Joy also.

Hello my name is Le Donna and I'm addicted to camo. Okay

So here we are with our outing a small family lunch at a local restaurant for the birthday.

The dress I'm wearing is one of the few I kept and wore during pregancy. I donated a whole bunch of clothing to a plus size pregant mom.


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It's my birthday...

Yay Me!

Hey family!

On this day May 9, 1974 I was born exactly 43 years ago today. Every year God shows up and shows out. I'm a strong faith beliver. The saying goes if you want to see God laugh tell him your plans abd then watch him work.

I believe that God or the Universe is having a harty laugh with me. I invite you to laugh and celebrate with me. Every year for the past 5 years I do something for my birthday. Im not a traditional person.

2012 it was a concert by a artist named Ledisi. (picture 1)

2013 it was a Patti Label concert (picture 2)

2014 it was a trip to Washington DC and New York.(pictures 3&4)

2015 it was a trip to New Orleans (picture 5)

2016 it was a photoshoot for myself. (pictures 6&7)

2017 well my greatest gift of all my babby nugget aka Zion'Joy.

This past weekend I celebrated my Zion'Joy with a Sip & See and the on Sunday with a Baby Blessing & Dedication. I was surrounded by friends and family. I would have it no other way to celebrate. We also went to our local Fleek Market with my very active thrifting group Sassy Thrifters. So much fun to be had.

Today as always It will be a low key day.

So what I wore for the baby blessing and the Fleek Market.

Baby Nugget Blessing:
I've worn this top and skirt before for my youngest nieces graduation. This time I added the mud cloth shrug jacket. Baby ZJ wore a beautiful gifted Christening gown in the traditional white.

For the Flerk Market we both did a wadrobe change:
ZJ wore a green jumper with striped tights.
I wore a black girs rock dress a green head wrap and the shrug again.

pictures 8 until complete.

I've been lucky enough to be blessed with a great life. I thank you all for going on this journey with me.

As always all are welcome.


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Sip & See...

A Sip & See - is an event where you can sip a beverage or beverages of your choosing and eat a light snack and see the baby. Give well wishes, blessings and gifts and then leave. loved it much better than the pressure of having a baby shower. Babby Nugget came before we could have the shower.

When you think you will be the only one at your party.

You ever had that feeling? You know the one where you invite the family and friends and it's just you all alone.

Um Yeah that one.

Well that is my fear but that is NOT what happened.

Today we celebrated the life and birth of Zion'Joy aka Baby Nugget Offically. It was exactly the way it needed to be and we sipped and we saw.

Stories were told and the memories were shared.

God and the universe places people exactly where they needed to be and I'm greatful. All was as it needed to be.

Pictures to follow because we love pictures.

What I wore:
Another pair of print wideleg pants a denim off the shoulder jacket actank underneath the jacket and a peacock belt at the waist and yellow headwrap to top it off.

I got my 1st ever real mother's day card and gift.

Fb has a an aplication called On This Day. On the Day of my Sip & See this popped up on my time line.

Happy Mom's day to all you MOTHERS out here in FB land. I hope someone is loving on you properly. Having said that I am very grateful to have had a loving mother I am also very grateful to my loving sister for my nieces and nephew.

Having said that here is my PSA:


#NotAMom #StillContent #LovingLIFE

Thank you in advance for reading looking or commenting.


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May the 4th be With You

Hey Family

I hope this post finds you well in your corner of the world. Today is May the 4th and as some know it is Star Wars day around the world. More on that later.

Today was a jam packed day. We had another learning center visit. We went on our 1 st walk to the local park and saw these 2 beauties picture 11. Finally we went to the local Library and had Star Wars movie night and activities.

I put baby nugget in a onesie and a pink fleece star jumper. I wore a denim waterfall jacket Print plazzo pants and a blue v-neck tshirt.

My neice joined us for our walk and to the library for movie night. We watched Rouge One. It is a long move but very well done. I was skeptical of Disney but they are doing a great job.

Baby Zion had a wadrobe change and went as the 1st ever Jedi mini mouse padewan (a jedi in training) . She lasted until 8 pm then went to sleep. She did pretty good considering this was her 1st full day out. Picture 10 is what I wore to my own Drs visit. These were pre baby clothes I love these wideleg jeans and this print top just says summer. My body is so different now but, I am happy I could fit into this. It felt like coming home.

As usualll all comments are welcome.

Until Next time


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