Consolidated & Cohesive Wardrobe

I usually pair down my wardrobe on a regular basis 2x a year. Last year I missed doing that I wanted to walk into 2021 with a purpose and that started with my Armor my Wardrobe.

Keeping My descriptors in mind when it comes to to my personal style has not changed much. Futuristic Afro Warrior & Mama which was the recently added.

I saw these beautiful velvet hangers on sale and thought I really need to tackle my wardrobe. With a few days off from work I started the heavy lifting. Throwing everything on the bed from around the house except for shoes I got started.

Thought process:
1)Did I wear it in the past 2 years?
2)Is it ripped stained or stretched out?
3)What category does it fall into in my current life?

Most things in my wardrobe now comfortably go together without much thought. I am content borderline happy with my wardrobe. I feel lighter and more like my descriptive words.

Futuristic Afro Warrior Mama

Many many things that were previously loved have been donated to a women’s and children’s shelter. I did the same for my daughter. There are a few pictures here from before baby after and current life.

Thank you for reading
By the numbers

Lifestyle Categories:
2) Lounge Wear
3)Walking/Workout/Thearpy /Outdoor Gear
4) Work

Mom/Casual/ Outings:
2 pair of denim walking shorts
1 pair denim custom made Overalls
1 African Print Denim Skirt
1 WideLeg African WideLeg Denim Pant
3 pair of jeggings
3 pair of leggings
Total 11

6 graphic T-shirts
1 denim button up
1 summer crochet festival top
3 mommy and me matching tops
1 velvet long sleeve
4 unique high low about town tops
Total 15

2 plaid

Lounge Wear(at home)
2 House Dresses
2 Pair of leggings and matching tops
Total 4

Walking/Workout/Thearpy/Outdoor Gear:
3 Capri/spandex
2 full length workout pants
7 tops tank/full sleeve
12 pieces

Work Uniform
5 pairs of Jeans dark black
7 work tops
2 pair of work boots

All new standard cotton all functional
4 sports bras

5 new to my wardrobe

Wild Cards pictures 8/9/10
1) A print Poncho. If I don’t wear it this year I will donate it. (New)
2) a vintage beaded shawl collar thrifted.. (5 years old)

12,14,16 cross body
13 clutch hand painted (6 years old)
15 backpack

1 leather jacket (thrifted)
1Camo All weather coat
1 wrap shawl
1 denim jackets
1 African print crop jacket
1 outerwear hoodie
2 denim trench coats
Total 8

2 summer
2 spring/fall
2 winter
2 head wraps
Total 8


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2020 A YEAR!

What a Year it has been.

The old song playing on repeat in my head is WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES...

10 days into 2020 Zi’Joy was paralyzed with a little know virus that affects the Spinal Column called AFM Acute Flaccid Myelitis only affecting new born babies to teens worldwide. She is 1 in 1,000,000 that is still shaping her journey.

Then Covid hit Then Work from home restrictions. The civil unrest the hospital visits and OT & PT therapy sessions. The Shutting down of my beloved city Chicago then the world. The fight for equality and Black Lives matter the protest. The closing of Theaters.

It was all so heavy.

Then the personal victories

Being able to move her legs then lift them then stand then walk then run. The birthdays that are just a few weeks apart 3 & 46 . The celebrations of milestones Drs never thought possible. Appearing on the Dr. Oz show to Advocate for Children of AFM. The smiling the unity the faith hope and love that is inherent in all 3 year olds. Teaching her mama to see miracles daily and to fight and find courage in the daily journey. Finding my style and becoming a minimalist.



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Putting myself Together...

Very long

Almost 2 weeks ago I posted about having a craptastic wardrobe.

From that moment until this I’ve given myself a make over for our new journey and my return to work. Many know my daughter was diagnosed with one of the rarest viruses in the world AFM Acute (suddenly and immediate) Flaccid (limp body and internal organs) Myelitis (swelling in the back and spine) on January 20,2020. Zi’Joy lost control and function of her body from the waist down.

My priority has only been for my rainbow baby who is almost 3 and her healing and all of her Drs/Physical/Occupational therapy and counseling appointments. My craptastic mom wardrobe was severely lacking and I was showing signs of just not caring about myself. As one YLF Family said you are experiencing an emotional trauma.

I decided to do a major overhaul of my wardrobe and it helped that we are moving so I decided to see what works for my life now and work life when I return from UnPaid FMLA. My body is not what it used to be and I’ve put on some weight that has come with stress eating.

I bagged up 5 large trash bags for donation things that I did not love or were not used in my life . 2 bags went to the trash can the others to my local donation center. I went through all of my footwear and did the same.

Next I made a list of what I needed what would serve me and moving forward what our days are like . Sitting waiting bending standing riding in long car rides for appointments meetings etc etc i did the same for work.

I set my budget lord sometimes you have to treat yourself. The good news for me is I’m a multiples person. If I see something and it looks good I buy in 2 or 5 different colors. Cause it’s easier.

I went to Walmart, Citi Trends, Rainbow and The local Thrift store because I did not have to think to hard or go to other stores with list in hand.

(These were all serviceable items)

1) 5 parirs of jeggings (different colors)

2)6 pairs of jeans for work
(the seat and thighs wear out over time)

3) 4 pairs of athletic bottoms 2 calf length and 2 floor length (for OT & PT)

4) foundational garments
4 sports bras
2 regular bras
20 new pairs of socks

*Rainbow and Citi trends
(My fun Flair)

1) 2 sweat tops (zip up red and yellow)

2) 3 Afrocentric tops (graphic tee shirts)

3) 5 dresses ( all cute and seasonless)

4). 1 skirt and 1 top with flair.
(Would have bought multiple but they were sold out in my size)

*Thrift Shopping
(My Frugal Style)

1) 2 sweater dresses (multiple different colors)

2) Wool sweater coat (So warm perfect for car rides and travel transitions to car parking lots and hospital visits when lugging a toddler around.

3) a pair of new boots from jambo. An excellent line of footwear my size. Looking for more retail $140 paid $12.99

I carry a military style backpack that I’ve had sense Zi’Joy was born and it serves me very well I can be hands free to hold little ones hands.

This is my form of Athlisure Style and part updated Grunge look that I rocked in the 90s. I threw away all of my pregnancy leggings except for one pair I wear around the house.

We got some great news about Zi’Joy she will never be fully rid of AFM she is 1 of 900 cases world wide and 1 in a million she is a medical Miracle and her leading Neurologist in this Field says she is the the top 5% of recovery. The best she has ever seen. Shriners Children's Hospital is on Wednesday so hoping they will take our case.

This was a fun post and thank you for reading

Mama Donna.


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Happy Valentine's Day...

If you celebrate it.

Just wanted to say. Celebrate in your own unique and fashionable way.


The weekend

Hey family it was such a great weekend and this picture right here sums it all up! This is probably one of the most memorable weekends I have ever had in
my life. I am gonna overshare like I always do. My friends say I need
to self edit. Meaning I need to only show the best of the best pictures
on my blog. I want to but I figure a lot of people are like me we love
to either read, look at the pictures or both. I love to do all of the

My Friday was spent
volunteering at C2C Combat to Chic helping to put away clothing stocking
racks and just talking. Saturday was spent trying to MC an event that
is a Flea market, we call it a Fleek Market and volunteering to collect
clothing for C2C and then driving for the overnight stay at Cantigny.

Saturday-My day started at 8:00 a.m. Helping to set up and just visit
the Sassy Thrifters at our Fleek Market booths. This is a Flea market
put on by founder Tameka Grant. It is one of the largest Flea Markets on
the South Side of Chicago held in the Historic Bronzeville
neighborhood. I hosted the Fashion Portion of the Event. We have
music,food,fashion show and vendors sells loads of good treasures. With
13,000 strong it is a great event. We stayed until 3 p.m. So many
good people I have met just by opening my mouth. lol

After That
we had dinner and team building exercises a veterans overnight event.
We Cantigny (Pounced like Con-Toe-knee)One Savvy Veteran
treated some lady veterans to an overnight retreat which included a
concert...private museum tour...dinner...and a HOUSE! It was such a
beautiful moment in my life. I'm providing a link to explain what the
museum and grounds are about. It is basically a division of the Army
called the Big Red 1. http://www.firstdivisionmuseum.....intro.aspx

After That we had dinner and left on Sunday morning.

Sunday we drove back to the Chi and celebrated a Women's Veteran
Warriors Empowerment Luncheon Retreat. So many beautiful women from
those who served in Vietnam to Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. Those who have
retired honorable discharged and currently serving. I don't even have
to words to tell you how much meeting about 40-50 women wow, just wow.
The speakers were amazing and REAL, Not just happy happy happy good
feeling words or drivel. But the meet and potatoes about our struggles
and journey. Without having to say anything we already knew.

weekend was pretty much One Savvy Veteran, Combat To Chic, Sassy
Thrifters and Fleek Market. Chicago at its finest in the Summertime.

As always Thank you for reading lurking or just commenting.

All of my outfits were thrifted but my White Lenin jumpsuit was made by my wonderful friend (H.O.T.) House of Tem.


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Awkward photos.....

Awkward photo moments

So I was thinking about how we always want to see ourselves in the best light. We always want to put our best foot forward. We don't want to see our flaws let alone have others see us. In this journey of life and to self the reality for me is those awkward moments those that may be not so pretty to look at make us, me who I am today. Earlier this week I working on my professional page. You see the joy of the now but you never see the journey to that joy. You never ask my story or see the awkward before the beauty picture. Up until 2 years ago I did not take pictures. Now I take pictures everyday. I love them of myself and others. I love the touching moment between people and my friends. So here we have the awkward moments and the silent moments in between that you never get to see. Remember it's not about the destination it's about the joy in the journey.

I've always felt like that awkward woman but for the most part I'm learning how to take pictures. Thes are self explanatory. Some are subtle some are blurry outfit failures. I invite you to laugh along with me.

Full Definition of awkward
obsolete : perverse
archaic : unfavorable, adverse
a : lacking dexterity or skill (as in the use of hands) <awkward with a needle and thread>
b : showing the result of a lack of expertness <awkward pictures>
a : lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression) <awkwardwriting>
b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts : ungainly<an awkward design>
a : lacking social grace and assurance <an awkward newcomer>
b : causing embarrassment <an awkward moment>
: not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care <an awkward load> <an awkward diplomatic situation>

We are going to focus on this one:

4. a : lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression) <awkwardwriting>
b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts : ungainly<an a

You are more than welcome to comment look add a picture or a story of your awkward.

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What Dreams May Come.....A visual feast.....

For the Mind, Body & Soul.

I've been wanting to write a long post on these but the visuals will speak for themselves. Work has me pulling out my hair so I thought I would share what the news would not.

The Beauty of The Chi.........and surrounding areas.

I've taken most if not all or I've scouted them out. My vision.


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Come On and Virtually go with me...

Hello fam. Once again it is Saturday night and I find myself sitting in my car with my car buddy Mr Wolf E. Listing to HOUSE music and typing my blog on my phone. Ah today was a great day. I have to tell you my fit for the day might shock some of you all. I say if your gonna do a look you have to own it. I don't mind the feedback and constructive criticism. It's ok to not be okay with a look although I love it

So today started with me beginning in my car. For some reason I see my car as a safe space. We had a flock of seagulls beside our little suburb. Next we then head to the city The Chi for some summertime beautiful fun.

For the first stop on the Thrift in Time tour was Zero Landfill. You get free swag From business that go out of business. Marble, Beautiful batik, home fixtures couches cushions refrigerators all new . Oh my it was heaven. I ran into OTHER SASSY Thrifters and we did what we do best turned it into a Runway thrifty fashion show. After Zero Landfill we headed to Combat to Chic.

On the way TEM and myself saw some murals we did a mini photo shoot shoot pictures to come at on a seperate post. We had a wonderful time. We packed out my little car and had to do a drive by of his house where we picked up his wonderful daughter. Oh my she is beautiful. While enroute to C2C to volunteer we saw a Fire station with a huge Rooster in it and what looked like a thrifty sale. Turns out it was converted from fire house to a hand made blown artist glass sanctuary. We met lovely people and a mother and son team. Jason was paralyzed by gun violence when he was only 16. His mother pearl at 85 takes care him and brings him faithfully every Saturday. Although paralyzed on his right side he makes beautiful works of art. This right here is why I love writing and talking to people. We had conversation and Pearl was wonderful. I found out that Pearls husband was a firefighter and worked at the station. He is no longer alive but pearl is a spitfire and we talked for a good hour while I took pictures. While I was talking and taking pictures of the happenings at the firehouse this happens.

Young Afro-American men in sharp fits waking one behind the other. I literally ran across 4 lanes of traffic to get to them and take there pictures. If was a beautiful sight to behold. They told me they were graduating on this day from H.S. all had been accepted to college on scholarships full rides. I thanked them and said how proud I was of them. Tem and I continued on our journey We stopped to have pizza and pop. Sorry no pictures. But I do have pictures of the huge rooster that was in the firehouse cage. I was told that when the firehouse was sold and converted. It was on the specific condition that the rooster would stay. Lol

So next we headed to Combat to Chic where things were in high gear. Meosha always has sales like penny sales fill your bag for $1 etc. C2C is a resale thrift op shop. While there because I'm trying to grow my business I did a giveaway. Other people had to nominate other persons who they wanted to see get the first ever prize from the thrift. It was a Massi painting I had thrifted about a month ago from the Salvation Army. I will provide a link if you want to see a live presentation.

After that was it just attending to this beautiful blog my budding business on FB answering questions and HOUSING. Oh on the way home I took pictures of murals.

As always thanks for reading. I'll up load plenty of pictures very soon. Thank you for reading, looking, lurking or feedback.


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Being a Super Shero/Hero is easy.......

The power of giving back

How often do you give back?
Do you give back?
When you bring something into the house do you take an equal amount back?
How to you check yourself?
Do you check yourself?
How do you hold yourself accountable?

We love to shop don't we? Well, I don't know if you do but, I do! I love it. I love the anticipation of finding that one item I've had my heart set on. The perfect EF Harem pants, crop pant, shoe, boot, heel, coat fur, picture, table, bedroom set. I love thinking about what it will be like when I find my treasure. I think about what I will wear it with how I will wear it and what wardrobe hole will it fill.

Most importantly I think about the Scoregasm-
When something happens that is so righteously awesome you pretty much scream out loud.
The feeling acquired when thinking about scoring perfect treasure.

When you have found your ultimate Scoregasm and bring your treasure home. What do you do with other things you no longer love? Do you stuff your closet until it is bloated? Do you sit a bag by the door vowing to donate but somehow it never gets donated? Do you go through the donation bag finding yourself pulling items that you half like out? Saying to yourself "I will wear it". Maybe saying this but you know you have not worn that item in over 5 years.

Take heart this is your time to shine! This is your giving back moment! This is your time to know that you can give to a great cause! You can be your own hero/shero! You can change a life with the power of giving back. You have access to so much power or potential to access power. Let me tell you how. By donating to your local charity of choice you can do all the things that I stated above. You have a choice with so many charities out here there is always someone to help. Some woman,man,girl, or boy who could use that thing you have not thought about in years.

I keep a bag ready. Sometimes I will wear a treasure and never wear it again. My closet is a continued revolving evolution of progress and creativity. The thrift or op shop is my main place to shop and donate. I find the latest and the greatest. So I donate the latest and the greatest. The next time you bring smothering into your home make sure that you love it. If you don't love it then leave it! How many life lessons can we learn from that. Oh baby if I had the time! I see my treasures go to good homes and other women veterans who are in need. I also volunteer there so I am always amazed at the people whom receive joy from something I donated.

I donate to a non profit charity call Combat To Chic:;fref=ts

My business is called Thrift in Time Please visit my FB page and like and share:

Whom do you donate to?
PSA don't donate what you would not wear! Just cause it's going to the charity shop does not mean you can donate trash. Edit yourself! Before you reck yourself!

Thank you for reading or looking at the pictures or just stoping by. Leave a comment it makes me happy. Now go and look at the pictures cause we love them.
Last few pictures 16 is Tem from House of Tem a fabulous designer.
And Meosha of Combat to Chic. Tem is making my white jumpsuit. He is a Fashion Designer.


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Throwback Thursday-hair evolution

"Throwback Thursday"

So today is Thursday on FB I saw that my friends were doing a "Throwback Thursday"

FB is where I spend a majority of my time when not volunteering,working HOUSING, meeting with friends,thrifting, going to the library or just enjoying the day. So I'm loving these "on this day". Series. This was my thoughts 5 years ago:

"Cutting my hair every year to remind myself it is not what's outside that matters but, inside." Quote by me lololol hahah

Who has not had struggles dealing with there hair? If you have not and it has always been perfect please let a sister know. Hahahahahaha I'll be the first one to admit that it truly has been a struggle for me.

From the funky braids in my hair
let your soul glow carefree curl
press -n-curl
getting wiggy with it
frying it dyeing it and laying it to the side
Clean shaven que ball
Dred-Loc Rasta
Wiling out FRO
Head wrap Sistah
Current situation of HIGH TOP Mohawk Fro-Hawk

Hair journeys are like life journeys a big old road to the discovery of self. In the African American community our hair is a source of pride often referred to as "her crown". Our hair can also be a thorn in the side if we do not know how to care for it.

My journey to myself and who I am now started with this first picture of braids I'm the little one on the left rocking the braids and jr mustache. Lolol oh man. My sister had what was referred to as good hair or easy to manage. I had many late nights on Saturday with the press in curl. Sitting with a hot comb by the stove praying to god that my mommy would not burn the tip of my ears,forehead or the back of my neck while straightening my hair with heat. I can still here the sizzle as the hot-comb and the green hair grease sizzled, frying my poor hair.

In my day in the 80s. We did not perm or straighten our young kids hair with perms. We had the CAREFREE CURL,The S Curl, and the Wave NuVoe and the Jeheri Curl. Processed curled hair. None of it was "care free". I was young maybe about 8 or 9. Think The Jackson 5 during the 80s my mom had the perfect Michael Jackson hair. My sister and I walked around with half Afro half curl always with the Jeheri Curl plastic shower cap on. Ugh the memories of going to summer girl scout camp. Our camp counselors meaning well made us wash our hair everyday. It was a nightmare. They were very ignorant and we were the only 2 little black girls. My sister and I might as well have been aliens. While the others had clean hair our was in pretty bad shape at the end of the summer camp. Have you ever tried to use Jeheri curl spray in the woods? It attracts bugs with its sticky sweet smell. We did not have off back in the day. Lolo lol

I was in H.S. The first time I cut my hair bald, well almost bald. I was a jr. In H.S. And this was the early 90s a very punk rock phase in my life. Sorry no pictures but my hair was shaved with a slight bang in the frog and a nice tail in the back. I loved it my family not so much. I had to cut my hair off to get rid of the curl process. A curl changes the natural texture of ones hair so it cannot change back you have to start new or bald or let it grow out which is a whole other set of Circumstances. I remember the day clearly. I had a head full of curls " follow the drip,follow the drip". Ugh how did I live? My sister said we cannot see your eyes because by my jr. Year in H.S. I had grown my hair long. I went to the barber and said shave it all off and it was the mot freedom I had felt ever.

That was the moment I no longer had any attachment to my hair at 17years old. I knew that I could rock a bald look or a head full of hair. Letting go and cutting my hair taught me that my hair is not the sum value of who I am. I've had large Afros to clean shaven. I am me Phenomenal Woman Phenomenally ME.

So come with me on a visual journey of my hair evolution on this "Throwback Thursday "

As always thanks for reading,lurking and or commenting. Comments give me warm and fuzziness inside. Lol

#1 baby Donna on the left,
#2 H.S. Freshman Donna on the left in the yellow (sister Desirre in the red and white sweater).
#3 first deployment Donna 19 years old in the Army
#4 shaving hair Donna
#5/6 weaved up Mohawk Donna
#7/8 bald again Donna
#9 wigged up Donna
#10 tried a color hated it Donna (it was supposed to be purple #epicfail)
#11/12 Fred-loc Donna
#13/14 headwraps(we still wrap it)
#15/17 unlocked my Dreds(with the help of my darling sister Desiree)
#16,18,19, my forest to death cut
#20 my fly fly cut and my wonderful barber Denard he gets me.
21 extra daddy and donna


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