Pause In the Midst of Chaos

America is Breathing and I came to see how my Family is doing?

Me an Zi well we have been so busy. I wish I could post videos here because it is easier. We rolled right from her being paralyzed to gaining back 90% mobility through her hard work and intestinal fortitude.

Then here comes Covid or as we call it the Rona. I swear. 2020 just wanted to make me scream but as we weathered that storm then here comes The horrific events of the past few weeks.

My heart is so heavy yet I understand that underneath it all we have more in common than people are willing to realize. My greatest dream was to purchase an RV or camper van and travel with my 3 year old when I retired also to tour state parks and go camping but I am so scared to do that and that is what it feels like to live in fear.

Fear is not this big bad bold thing. It is what keeps you in line it is why I have to someday have “the talk” with my beautiful toddler. About how to behave when police approach. I wish life could be like YLF and the MidLife. I was never fearful in the Army I stood proud with other men and women of all backgrounds.

My heart is heavy to admit that now I experience a great fear because I am black and now at 46 this extends to my child. Yes all lives matter but #blacklivesmatter when we live in fear and others don’t.

I cried when I opened up YLF to read Angies words. I recently returned to work just 2 weeks ago and it is a ghost town in Chicago under Military rule and Police patrols. I was fearful before now, I’m scared.

Yet we find a way to live and we find a way to laugh and we find a way to celebrate. I hope you all are breathing deep because this too shall pass.

Love y’all family


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Until Spring...

We are taking a social media break.

I know that people always wonder why make a big announcement like it's life-changing. Well Zi'Joy has a lot of aunties and uncles and we just didn't want anyone to worry. Social media is fine and has it's place but now it's time to get to living. I take a break every year from social media so this is not a surprise to some. Just wanted to let y'all know for now. We will see you all in the spring summer renewed and refreshed

Have a blessed journey from Zi'Joy & Mama.

Currently 8 months and 43 years.


At home photo shoot...

I decided to take so pictures of baby nugget today ad turn them into black and whites. I'm going to go to our local Walgreens and have them printed and I'll by frames from our local $1 store to frame them. What do ou think?


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Meet The Real Chicago...

Thanks to #45 The Chi (Chicago) has been in the news almost everday. I have had the pleasure of living & loving the Chi off and on for 40 plus years.

Do we have our difficulties? Yes we do.

Are we any better or worse than any other cities around the country or the world? No we are not.

I've been around the world and back again. I choose to call the Chi my home.
We are not victims locked in our houses all day. How would people work?.

We are a city that loves, hurts, cries, and rejoices.

I've been almost all over the city and suburbs all hours of the day and night. I am aware of the realities of the city. As all should be.

Don't believe all of #45 (President T) current Alternative Facts.

If you don't know the Chi was the only city that did not tolerate the hateful propaganda of #45 and turned him away and stood in solidarity against him. Our #44 is from the Chi also.


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I'm still here

Hey YLF Family. I'm still around don't give up on me. I've gone back to lurking but I am still taking pictures and being fab. I'm taking a break from social media. Things have gotten overwhelming laterly. Lol oh boy.

I'm in my last week of my 1st Trimester things were a bit touch and go for a minute. I'm on a self imposed break but I'm reading your fab post inbetween long naps and eating 27 times a day and working my normal 10-12 hrs a day. Whew I'm sleepy just typing that.

One day I'm going to write a post about the reality of being a over 40 pregancy.

Anywho keep us in prayer if you pray and or send us positive energy. Thanks in advance.



I wanted to share my HOUSE with My Family. I love the joyful sound that HOUSE can Bring to a cloudy day.

House is so much more than Music. It is HOME

This is one of my favorite international DJs . MR. Alan King.


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Time to make the Donuts...

Dose anyone remember that Commercial?

I love the FB post on this day .......I love looking back and moving forward

These were my thoughts 3 years ago.

1-10yr marriage, 1-10yr partnership, finally woke up to my reality of My grind. Home,work, church,education sleep When I became aware and awake I realized who I became. At 38 a former shadow of who I started out as for what? Security and safety? Hmmm, realizing my blessings and assesing my goals personel and professional. I set out to create that life I wanted. From dancing in the rain at the beach and laughing to going to musical concerts and plays and concert, going on real vacations, dancing to HOUSE. Finding my joy by myself realizing I gave my power away. Letting my yes be my yes and my no be my no. Finding my balance and who I am in my 40's and loving myself enough to know that I am not my circumstance. Sorry for the long post but I can so relate. When I say that now I have balance and joy it is so the truth. Peace and blessings love and light.
Picture #2 was how conservative I used to dress #3 is the transformation of self. And #1 is the 1st concert I ever went to as an adult with Kindred the Family Soul.
Never forget your dreams.....


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The New Face of Veterans on Memorial Day......

Hey Fam. I just wanted to post this if you want to watch. It's 27 minutes in length. I am in the last 8-10 minutes with a fellow Combat Veteran.

All of these you women are in there early 30s but believe me when I say age ain't nothing but a number. I am 43 and I have mad respect for each one of them. They are part of my sister circle and my thrifting FB group. We get together when we can some in large groups. I am so fortunate to know these ladies. The connection was instant because Our sacrifice during war brought us together. Our bond forever is that we are sisters in Arms.

I just have 1 request well technically 2. On Monday Americas Veteran day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There lives. A moment of silence at 3:00 pm this is thes designated time for our nation to remember.

Next just if you run across a veteran. There are many of us. Say thank you for your sacrifice. It is so much more than I'm articulate enough to to express.

Meosha and Holly in the first and last segment are wounded medically retired veterans. Who you cannot see the physical disabilities and pain they deal with on the regular.

All of us suffer with some form of mental or physical wounds. I did not say that for sympathy. I said that because we even get push back from older veterans. ,our brothers and sisters in arms. It is so very challenging we have to earn a seat at the table.

Awe I don't mean to be preachy I respect all that have served and all that have sacrificed and all those that support. Anywho if you want to chec out the interview here it is. I provided a link.


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