The Peplum...

Greetings Family,

So I talked about my obsession with the peplum look. Just a bit of a recap I have about 14 in my wardrobe most of them are mesh and zip up the front. On a recent trip I found two beautiful ones an maroon and a forest green one. I could imagine the possibilities as I said out loud to myself I hope they have them in multiple colors when I spotted the first. I went straight for them. I saw 3 maroon green and a leopard print my heart started to pound I got all giddy and excited because there were only a few of the mesh left. I asked the sales associate to please take it off the mannequins. Have you ever done that undressed the mannequin? I’ve done it on several occasions.

I knew that when I bought these they would not only carry me through the next 8 months but beyond in the next coming years. I am a buy now wear now type of person. I have a few select pieces that are occasion only but I wear clothing as soon as possible. I wanted to wear this to church and beyond. I had a full Sunday. My uncle was retiring from his mega church and we had a full on gospel musical celebration. Over 15 church choirs were scheduled to sing. Almost 4 hours of music and praising. Let me tell you about the black church. We show up and show out. I had so much fun with my family and celebrating my great uncle on his retirement. He has been serving his church for over 50 years. So my church service was at 7:30 a.m. and the Gospel service was at 4:00p.m. You better believe that I took a long nap lol. Naps are so so so good. I remember when I was younger in the service I would take 45minute naps. They were the best for the rest of the day.

So on this day I decided to wear the maroon mesh peplum with this cobalt blue button down and Jersy knit pin striped pants. These pants are the most comfortable that I own. I have had them for years thrifted years ago the waist is this stretch elastic that is so comfortable. My shoes are these fab patent faux leather I bought from payless long long ago they were so comfortable I bought a second pair. I wish I had bought a third pair. My earrings were a simple drop grey pair that were light weight. My sister was kind enough to take these photos for me. I am so glad she supports what I do. Sometimes it is a family affair doing the picture taking process.

Mesh Peplum top (Rainbow) $14.99
Blue Button down (Thrifted) $3.99
Jersy knit pants very old (Thrifted)
Shoes Payless (Years Ago)
Earings Beauty Supply Store $1.00

As always all are welcome comments, lurkers or combination of both.


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Gives Us Precious...

Greetings Family,

Well as my staycation winds down I find myself packing away some of my beautiful clothing. Some things I cannot stand to look at because I cannot fit them. In the midst of packing I started to notice something. Besides buying multiples I buy and wear the same type of clothing until it is out of my system.

Angie did a wonderful post on pussy bow blouses last week. This brought about a memory of how a few years ago I was obsessed with purchasing and wearing them. I think at one point I had about 14 or 15. Each one beautiful and different. I wore them until I was burnt out. The same with backpack purses. I think with those I was looking for the perfect one for me. Until my reality set in and I decide this was impractical for my lifestyle. I got rid of them all. I love big crossbody and tote bags.

So I was shopping for my capsule wadrobe I'm almost finished I'm thinking about the harsh Chicago winters. I've found myself with my latest addiction/obsession. The mesh peplum top. Oh how I love them they make my heart go pitter patter as I see them in stores or thrifts. I find myself talking out loud. "Yes precious my precious" in my Golum voice from LOTR.

So I've purchased two more from this cheepy store called rainbow. I never try on clothing and unfortunately one does not fit. My favorite one the army green mesh one but the maroon one does. I'll be exchanging the green for a leopard print non mesh on tomorrow. In total with my two new purchases. I have 7 mesh tops 6 of them are peplum and I have 3 regular peplum tops. This obsession /addiction has been going strong for some time.

I want them in every color and style. They are beautiful to me. They define a waist if belted. Unbelted is just as lovely but still with structure. Some of the peplum are over the top big. Feeding into my maximum comfort zone. You can wear a pretty bra underneath if bold or a beautiful blouse patterned or singular in color. To me it is a very forward look.

So do you have an obsession/addiction?

Do you find yourself saying out loud or in your head? Precious my Precious Gives Us Precious


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My version of Maximal when I want to be minimal

Hello family

Can we talk about unique boots for a while?

These babies right here are to me the epitome of maximal impact in a subtle way. These boots are not for everyone they can be loud and in your face the lucite heel pushed it over the top for me. The interior has a kind of built-in sock lining thst reaches over top of the boot. I was amazed by the all day comfort.

This was our first official day that we found out that we would be parents. As usual we had date night in a wonderful area of the Chi a neighborhood called Pileson. They have many artists and they open up their lofts to the public so that we can see and purchase pices from 6-10 at night food Beverages and music is often supplied for free. Most of Tem's friend are in the creative arts so we often stay for the after set.

My fit consisted of only a few pieces none thrifted but you know me. The things I purchase will always be for a thrifty price. My boots were purchased in a sale of buy 2 get a pair free99. Both the boots and oversized dress are recent purchases.

Denim dress clearance rack Rainbow $8
Boots Shoe Time $37
Earing artist made purchased long ago.
Wrist Cuff lucite and black stone thrifted
Necklace P.O.W. M I.A. gifted

As always all are welcome.


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Looking like a lumberjack...

Or at least that is what my coworker said to me recently. This top/ dress I purchased in multiple colors. They can grow with my changing figure and the look pretty nice going into the fall winter season.

These yoga pants are so so comfortable and I hope professional looking. Tem is in the process of making me a few in different colors. The leather men's belt is old and vintage thrifted long ago. When I'm walking around campus at work I can carry my radio and keys on it. My boots were thrifted new. I love them. On this Day I wanted to take a picture of Tem's casual look he is so thrifty and his boots were a new Thrifty purchase.

Plaid Shirt Dress $9
Vintage Belt $3
Yoga pants $4
Leather Boots new $14

As usual comments are always welcome have a great day.


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The jumpsuit...

Hey Family!

It's Monday morning here and I thought I would show you this beautiful jumpsuit I received from a wonderful F.B. friend. I just love the colors in this jumpsuit and it reminded me of a very retro look.

I love a great one piece flowly fit. As the weather here in the Chi has been hot and muggy this was a great fit to wear.
I have a love hate relationship with jumpsuits because of the ultimate question.

How do you go to the bathroom while out and about?

Easy answer you don't. Lol nah I just make it "do what it do". I will not wear them to festivals to risqué. If you know what I mean.

My head wrap is great for a bad hair day. Yes even with an afro we can have them. Headwraps are a nice alternative to wear. Tem gave me this one which was left over material from a recent project. It has images of village life of women in Africa. It is a beautiful print.

My shoes are pretty much a summer staple. I have to step up my summer sandal game.

I enjoyed this jumpsuit with the built in necklace and fabric headwrap because it was essentially a no thought outfit that was just easy to do like a dress. Simple yet makes a great look.

Jumpsuit was gifted $ Free99
Headwrap gifted $ Free99
Shoes purchased long ago I can't remember the cost.

As always comments are always welcome.

Just because I'm on vacation I'm gonna include my favorite Monday song by the Mommas & The Pappas.

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be

Oh Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee

That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me…


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Casual look that is becoming a uniform.

Hello, Family!

Long time no virtual see. Haha. I know bad blogger. Well, life sometimes gets in the way. Anyway I'm here to show you my weekend look from a day of us shopping and just enjoying ourselves.

You ever had those times in your life where you cannot fit into anything? Well that happend to me recently and with a changing body comes well what else?

Yep, you guessed it...

Lots of crying. Lol No really after a good cry I went shopping. I figured a small capsule wadrobe was in order to get me through. Basics with statement pieces fantastic shoes and boots will carry me through. Now on this day I found the lovely "Afrocetric " made in India vest shawl thing. I love it.

It has movement and flow and the best part about it was the very affordable. I love my Tom's also so comfy for my sizes 11w feet they were a thrift find new. A long asymmetrical blank tank and denim jeggins completed the look.

Tem was taking our pictures and making us laugh. I'm with babby girl Tem's daughter she is a thrifting princess.

Now the next few pictures are of my Thrift in Time Find. We went to my local Salvation Army and it was half price weekend on all clothing. Did you know some stores actually have 69 cent sell days? Well this is a pleatather retro beauty right here. Tem is gonna add denim so that it can have that something extra.

My total look was less than $25. In Chicago we have several stores called Shoe Time and the carry all sorts of shoes for the whole family and winning size 11wides.

The black patent boot came home with me also isn't she darling?

As always all are welcome...


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