My Friday evening....

Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent & superman because of my workday and after work weekend life.

A day in the life of Thrift in Time.....well more like an evening in the

So many things happened and as the days get hotter in the Chi there is so much more to do. After a vey long week at work I wrapped up the evening by connecting with One Savvy Veteran and HOUSE of Tem . I had some styling purchases to make for customers connect with OSV for combat veterans discussion. Next to H.O.T. For a fitting for myself. A beauty of a white jumpsuit. My first fitting was wonderful H.O.T House of Tem Has a wonderful Turn around time for clothing. After that it was a quick Thrift buy from a Sassy Thrifter at a Sassy Thrifters event called Makeup & Mimosas. After that I went to Combat to Chic thrift Resale Boutique for the rest of the evening to put together looks for clients and my final fitting and dinner with the our creative thing tank. SHE-E.O Meosha T., Fashion Designer Tem, Thrift Stylist and blogger Ledonna N. Hahahahahaha lolo but really.

One Savvy Veteran is doing so many great things for Female Combat Veterans and I am so happy to be volunteering with the organization. I have to somehow submit a proposal for an opportunity to represent in a small way combat to chic. I'm not sure what to even say. As a stylist it comes easy. Writing to you Fam. is easy I can do it all day and night long. Putting pen to paper for something I wan to do is challenging. I'm being pushed and stretched in ways that are outside of my comfort zone but I want them so bad.

Next it was a visit to H.O.T. For another fitting. My linen jumpsuit is AMAZING I love it so much. The craftsmanship is everything did I speak about the turnaround time? Less than a week for an Original H.O.T. The price point was very Thrift in Time pleasing. We love the fit and took many pictures it was very hard to edit myself so I'm just gonna post them all. Why have a blog of you cannot share the pictures? Next it was on to my Thrift BUY.

Sassy a Thrifters is a wonderful FB page started by founder Tameka Grant . She creates and fosters an amazing atmosphere where people including myself feels welcomed to blossom into who they are meant to be. Sort of like my Virtual hahah well on Friday evening they had a beautiful event called Makeup and Mimosas. It was such a wonderful event but I did not participate. I'm a Taurus and slow to change. No makeup to full makeup is, well it may take some time. I must say the pictures from the event looked wonderful. Now why was I there. Well it was because I was there to do a Thrift in Time buy. A pair of the elusive 11 wide width lace up summer boot. Theses bad boys are a crown jewel. Not to self must do summer maintenance. Hahaha you know Fam . Oh the ladies led by Tameka were on a natural high of energy and eager for the instructor to empower them all. Ladies of every shade background and age it was a great mix of people. Makes me thing I should try it. Maybe.

Taurus are stubborn and mule headed sometimes.

After that I headed to Combat to Chic for my final fitting for my Designer one of a kind H.O.T design and to purchase some items for one of my clients. Yes Ya'll I'm making the thrifty look Stylish by Thrifting in Time. Just because I purchase and shop for my clients and myself from The thrift does not mean that I am cheap. I support local businesses and artist especially if they can always slay to the Fashion GAWDS!!!!! Tem is on that short list for me. This has a beautiful one shoulder look. Double faced and shear sleeve and back pleated and pockets and touching on the side to allow me to tie it up or down. Yes I can HOUSE dance and be free. This is a winner.

Some local shopping for my clients. I'm so happy that people put there trust in my styling expertise. Thank you for going on this journey with me. I style for others but don't necessarily give them my look. My style aesthetic is afro-steampunk. But I can style a client so that they can slay in their own Thrift in Time way. It does not matter the age time or place. I feel very confident in saying that. I know my journey. So thank you all for reading and now here comes a boat load of pictures.

it was hot as hades outside. So I tried to be comfortable as possible. I blouses my pants like I used to do in the army to make them look like harems and the best part were my size 11 wide shoes. Kinda urban warrior Queen looking.

Pic- 1-12 my look 13-20 M&M, 21-33 H.O.T. House of Tem, Tem. Jumpsuit designer, 34-38. SHE-E.O. Of One Savvy Veteran & Combat to Chic 39-40 another veteran he is a light weight bonner and a veteran. He lives above the resale shop Meosha operates. How lucky and stylish. He had an umbrella sleeve made of leather and canvas.

Almost forgot my look was thrifted for less than $10
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One Savvy Veteran;fref=ts

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House of Tem;fref=ts

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  • replied 4 years ago

    I especially like the accessories in outfit one and I really like the white jumpsuit.

    Sounds like The people around you are really inspiring.

  • Eliza replied 4 years ago

    Looks like fun and you were bringing your signature style. I love the asymmetry in your jumpsuit. Just saw a group of examples of what I call inspired shirt stylings: backwards, upside down, cold shoulder with sleeves tied around the waist, one sleeve off. You are totally on point as ever!   

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    It's brilliant to see and hear you enjoy life, Ledonna. That white jumpsuit is Killer incredible. LOVE the '70s vibe. 

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    Lol. Looked at pics first, was like who's that dude? A movie star you ran into? Lol. Sharp guy.

    Ok. The white jumpsuit is AMAZING! The cage sandals are a HEWI for me. I can't believe you thrifted your outfit for $10. I once went into a thrift store here and asked if they ever had dollar days - they laughed at me! Lolol. I'm telling you, it's no wonder there's a guy at Google living in his truck...

  • replied 4 years ago

    Those golden yellow cage sandals are awesome! I love your whole look (fit)with those. You have the best jewellery and bags too. Now...that white jumpsuit is 'da bomb'!

    It's also so lovely to browse through your photos, the sense of fun and lovely atmosphere is almost touchable. I wanna come to some of those outings...can we swap lives?? :D

  • replied 4 years ago

    Ledonna you always do nice surprises in your outfits continues
    Viel your friends Bernard

  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    Looking good, Donna! I like your first outfit a lot....those shoes are gorgeous! I think TEM has gone a fabulous job with the white jumpsuit. Such a fab fit!!! I can't wait for you to wear style it and click photos!!!

    Pics of you, TEM & Meosha goofing around are really fun. It almost feels like I know all of you...thanks to your photos! :)

    Now that dude in the last 2 photos...very sharp looking!

    Your weekend sounds soooo fun!!!! I wish I lived in the Chi & was your neighbour!!!

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    I am not awake enough to take in all this glory. But your jumpsuit is amazing!

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    I love the sandals and the jumpsuit. Very fab!

    I spent Fri nite watching basketball. :)

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Delurked, thank you I tend to dress in a heavy manner in the summer i hope to lift the heaviness with the accents. Yes you all are inspiring me to do that which I had not done in the past.

    Eliza did you see those looks on line? It sounds great to have a unique look or concept.

    Angie yes, the jumpsuit screamed 70s my birth decade. I'm wondering what it will look like when I bring my haircut into play. I'm glad I can share part of my life.

    Rachylou Jared looks like the Thin man, or creepy man who was in Charlie's Angels the one who smelled the hair. Lol. Some thrifts are outrageous. Now are you gonna get free donations and charge upwards of 20,000,00000. Lolo. It's so random. The wonderful people who donate to C2C also shop regularly it is a good system. I'm off to look up HEWI.

    Diane G your making me laugh. I think that is what is so great about all of us. We are always talking about dressing for the life we want. Now what do we do with that life? So we are creating that makeup, paint you jeans,sister talks, thrifting tours,meet up at the parks, movies music, just fun. Grownup no pressure for anything affordable adult fun where you don't have to go out all the time.

    Benard thank you that was so kind of you to say. We should all have wildcard outfits. That just happens to be 80% of my wadrobe.

    Maneera we had so much fun taking pictures and laughing is good for the soul. Tem is an amazing spirit. Its interesting that we all just met less than 6 months ago. I met Tem 3 months ago. We chat like old friend.

    Shevia thank you for checking in even though sleepy. I love it.

    Jaileen was that the golden state warrior game?

    I love the fit it looks like and feels like a dream. I wish we could all hang out together. It feels as if we are already friends. We are virtual pen pals. I'm glad we could meet.

  • RobinF replied 4 years ago

    You are a busy lady! Those sandals and black vest are so fun, love it. Good for you for going outside your comfort zone. I struggle with that. I know you said you don't do makeup, I wear very little myself, but I could see you with just some bright lipstick in these shots. It would accentuate your great smile.

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    Yes. The next game in Mon nite.

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Jaileen I watch the highlights. It's hard for me to sit through. Lol

    I do wear lipstick sometimes. Usually I leave the makeup counter with a full face and an empty pocketbook. Lol then it's good to step outside our comfort zone but it can be extremely difficult sometimes.

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    I think Jared reminds me of the creepy thin man who like to pull hair and scream off of Charlie 's Angles

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Ledonna, what a joyous, life-affirming post. I have read and looked at the wonderful photos several times and can only say that you are so special. You expand my horizons and show us new possibilities.

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Joy thank you for always reading and commenting. I enjoy the feedback. We each expand the others horizons. It is a wonderful thing.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Ledonna, both your outfits are fantastic on you. The white one is unbelievable Saturday Night Live Fabulous!! And the golden cage sandals and other accessories with the black mesh vest in the first one are equally unique and dramatic on you. I am so impressed at how you put your fits together on a tiny budget through thrifting -- this shows a true sense of style and self-awareness that I absolutely believe you can also bring to your clients. You are changing lives. 

    Love to see the group of beautiful women learning and growing there. 

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Thank you Suz I appreciate your words

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