An explosion of color.

Hey Family!

Saturday was a beautiful day the weather was in the mid 50's. It almost felt like summer in the Chi. Sunday was a bit overcast but I loved this fit so much I wore it both Saturday and to church on Sunday.

This denim hi-low shirt is becoming a real workhorse with room to grow.

I really like the print of these pants they are some lycra light weight things. I wore leggings underneath to ensure they were warm enough. Major score because they fit over the baby belly.

My headwrap is just a piece of cloth i cut from an old stretch skirt. Wood earrings and slip on gymshoes complete the look.

So today is a great day because I'm officially 28 weeks and in my 3rd trimester. Yeah!

As usual all are welcome. Have a great day family.

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  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    Oh fantastic! Exuberant! You're looking the happy mama :)

  • Sterling replied 3 years ago


  • Ledonna N. replied 3 years ago

    Thank you Rachylou and Sterling .

  • jill58 replied 3 years ago

    I love this! You look beautiful!

  • Jane replied 3 years ago

    You look great! Beautiful colours, so vibrant!

  • cindysmith replied 3 years ago

    You look amazing, as always! Also? That blue is the best blue ever.

  • Kate replied 3 years ago

    Gorgeous color on the denim shirt, and love the headwrap. Clever repurposing of that skirt! You look fab, Ledonna, and your smile always brightens my day.

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    The colors are so amazing on you! Your daughter is going to love looking at these pictures one day.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    As rachy said, "exuberant" The . You look so energetic and gorgeous.

  • Ledonna N. replied 3 years ago

    The blue is so vivid it just screams

  • Sisi replied 3 years ago

    Fantastic colors - what a happy outfit! And how smart to make a headwrap form a skirt! You are an artist.

  • Bijou replied 3 years ago

    Congratulations on being in your third trimester - this next few months will probably fly by for you. This is such a wonderful and vibrant outfit, it makes me feel happy just seeing your photos. You look beautiful.

  • replied 3 years ago

    You are looking gorgeous Ledonna! So bold, bright and fun. You look really well too. Not too long now!

  • harmonica replied 3 years ago

    Such a happy face and outfit! That blue is vibrant and the hem line really adds structure to it. Love the headwrap and print pants, too. Blue and red is great together.

  • Lisa replied 3 years ago

    Congrats on hitting your third trimester!  And a great color pairing here, that's strong blue color is stunning on you!

  • texstyle replied 3 years ago

    That blue is wonderful on you - love it! Very happy for you too.

  • kerlyn replied 3 years ago

    I feel happier just looking at your photos!  Beautiful colors on you!

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    Rachy called it! Gorgeous colour. And congrats on reaching the third trimester!

  • Style Fan replied 3 years ago

    Great colours Ledonna.  I love those pants.  Congratulations on the third trimester.

  • JAileen replied 3 years ago

    You look great! Bold colors work for you.

    It's not long now. Be sure to get plenty sleep while you can.

    I can't believe how warm it is there. We got six inches of snow last night.

  • Barbara Diane replied 3 years ago

    It is so fun watching you grow. Can't wait to see nugget.

  • Ledonna N. replied 3 years ago

    We had a full weekend of spring.

    Thank you everyone I'm so happy to be on the last leg of the pregnancy journey.

  • Elizabeth P replied 3 years ago

    You look wonderful!

  • replied 3 years ago

    You are beautiful I love this beautiful shirt blue

  • approprio replied 3 years ago

    Wow! Fantastic pants! They make me think of those classic African/Indonesian prints which form a sewing pattern for a top. Love the head wrap.

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Great explosion of colour. You look FAB. 

  • Ledonna N. replied 3 years ago

    Thank you  so much.  Color in the drab winter is such an inspiring thing.

    Approprio-I love those types of prints.

  • cheryl replied 3 years ago

    You are radiant! Love that blue and those pants are awesome. :)

  • La Pedestrienne replied 3 years ago

    Wow, that blue is SO bright and saturated I can't believe it's denim! Awesome, awesome. You are positively radiant -- I'm sure you hear that a lot. ;)

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