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Greetings Family,

Well as my staycation winds down I find myself packing away some of my beautiful clothing. Some things I cannot stand to look at because I cannot fit them. In the midst of packing I started to notice something. Besides buying multiples I buy and wear the same type of clothing until it is out of my system.

Angie did a wonderful post on pussy bow blouses last week. This brought about a memory of how a few years ago I was obsessed with purchasing and wearing them. I think at one point I had about 14 or 15. Each one beautiful and different. I wore them until I was burnt out. The same with backpack purses. I think with those I was looking for the perfect one for me. Until my reality set in and I decide this was impractical for my lifestyle. I got rid of them all. I love big crossbody and tote bags.

So I was shopping for my capsule wadrobe I'm almost finished I'm thinking about the harsh Chicago winters. I've found myself with my latest addiction/obsession. The mesh peplum top. Oh how I love them they make my heart go pitter patter as I see them in stores or thrifts. I find myself talking out loud. "Yes precious my precious" in my Golum voice from LOTR.

So I've purchased two more from this cheepy store called rainbow. I never try on clothing and unfortunately one does not fit. My favorite one the army green mesh one but the maroon one does. I'll be exchanging the green for a leopard print non mesh on tomorrow. In total with my two new purchases. I have 7 mesh tops 6 of them are peplum and I have 3 regular peplum tops. This obsession /addiction has been going strong for some time.

I want them in every color and style. They are beautiful to me. They define a waist if belted. Unbelted is just as lovely but still with structure. Some of the peplum are over the top big. Feeding into my maximum comfort zone. You can wear a pretty bra underneath if bold or a beautiful blouse patterned or singular in color. To me it is a very forward look.

So do you have an obsession/addiction?

Do you find yourself saying out loud or in your head? Precious my Precious Gives Us Precious

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  • Chris987 replied 4 years ago

    What a great story, I can so clearly picture Golum saying "my precious".....Wardrobe pets indeed! I sometimes feel that way about leather and things in warm caramel colors, but not to the level of obsession you describe. I just LOVE  the idea of you shopping around looking for you "precious" items!

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Chris I love caramel especially around fall. I mumble out loud offten. Lol

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh, I remember an outfit of yours with one of those tops. No wonder you are obsessed, you wear them brilliantly. I really appreciate seeing items like this in play because in a photo I don't always understand the non-bombshell possibilities. The way you wear these, they are so much fun, and practical for the hot summers. 

    What will the winter obsession be, I wonder? 

    I don't have specific styles that I obsess about so much, but I do have periods of intense love for certain looks and then reaching a saturation point with them and wanting to move on a bit. 

  • Runs With Scissors replied 4 years ago

    There are very cool, and something I'm not sure I've seen before.  Great for "maximalism" with the layering potential.  Peplums can feel too heavy visually to me, so the mesh alleviates that.  

    When I get stressed, I tend to acquire too many shoes.  Often there's a certain type I'm after -- lately clompy ankle boots.  Over the summer it was sneakers.  I guess I want to either run away from my troubles or kick them to death.  :)

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    I've had these obsessions in the past with embellished mohair cardigans and buttondown shirts. Most recently and still in my closet it has been coated denim jeans. Summer is too hot to wear them, so it is time to evaluate and I'm not as crazy about them as before.

  • kkards replied 4 years ago

    hmmmmm, i'm not like that with clothing, but food....i eat the same thing for lunch almost everyday....i'll keep eating it, until one day i wake up and want something else, then maybe for a week or two try a few things...then boom, i've found my new's been than way my whole life

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Kkards I am the same way with food. Sometimes I feel like Forest Gump in that respect. Then it's just over.

    Joy I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    Runs With I fully understand

    Suz that is such a better turn of phrase. "Periods of intense love."

  • Bijou replied 4 years ago

    I have been thinking about the opposite situation, where I have one item and love it so much, that I have no desire for an update. So far only my watch has created such loyalty from me. Six years with the same watch is pretty good going and I love it just as much now as I did when I bought it.

  • bonnie replied 4 years ago

    My obsession is tunic tops, shirts, and dresses. I have probably bought 25 in the last year. I know styles are moving on to the fitted top and wide leg pants, but I still want to wear my tunics and skinnies as long as I can. Good thing I stocked up.

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    I love Rainbow. I got my crazy red striped circus skirt there :) I also love peplums and may now have to have a visit :)

    I often get a bee in my bonnet about something each season. A colour or silhouette. Once it was cape coats. For this Fall, I'm contemplating the Gucci stripe - red sandwiched between a navy or green. Altho, this is a bit graphic for me. And a band jacket...

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Rachylou I love that skirt. The Gucci sounds interesting

    Bonnie say stock up while you can because they may dosappear.

    Bijou that is good I have two go to watched. I've had them for 4&6 years I love them.

  • Barbara Diane replied 4 years ago

    I don't have that with multiples. I have multiples because I have hard to fit holes, rather than being that attracted to one style.

    I have had one Seiko watch (2 watches, first one eventually gave up the ghost) I have loved for just short of 30 years. It was love at first sight. And I rarely have that. And I just bought what looks like the larger version (very similar, but  bigger, at NAS. I wasn't looking for a watch, but the jewelry SA convinced me to look. Again, love at first sight.

    I also fell just as hard for an art glass piece on display at a museum yesterday. I mean, it felt like something was wrong in the world that I did not own it. 
    Never mind that, a) it was not for sale, b) I could not afford it.

  • Barbara Diane replied 4 years ago

    I also feel hard for a dress in a boutique window even earlier. It was $100-$130 back then, way more than I had ever paid. I still have it in the memory/maybe it will fit one day closet. 

    This has happened to me less than 5 times.

  • Traci replied 4 years ago

    Yes, I get this way with a new pair of shoes often.  I'll obsess over them for a while, finally pull the trigger and buy them and then somehow every single outfit I wear just begs for THAT pair of shoes.  I think wow, these shoes really go with everything and I don't even know what I would have worn otherwise.  Then one day I'm over them.  

    My current love is these burgundy patent penny loafers.  To prove how fickle I am, there was a pair EXACTLY like them in NAS and I spent weeks deciding if I liked them or not.  Then a week or so after that, these showed up in my feed and I had a deep need for them.  I find they're the perfect thing to transition my wardrobe to fall.  I've worn them with shorts and tank tops and a cardigan, shirt dresses, skirts and button ups...pretty much anything and everything.  I just love them.

    Oh, and I'm fascinated by your peplum tops!  I haven't seen these at all before and you're over there gobbling them all up.  I love that we get so many points of view on this forum.

  • Xtabay replied 4 years ago

    The mesh ones aren't my jam, but that leopard one, ooooh!  Come to mama, Precious! 

    I always get obsessed with boots this time of year, even though it doesn't get that cold where I live.  I just ordered these from Nordstrom.  Now all I need is a Canadian cold front to come through!  (P.S., thanks, Deb, for putting these on Finds!)

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    Jackets. And statement rings. It seems I can never have too many of either. (Pictured is the jacket rack in my closet)

  • UmmLila replied 4 years ago

    Yeah, I know about the precious. Every now and then I get a precious that I love but never wear and it feels really bad.

  • tulle replied 4 years ago

    Ledonna, I can't imagine you doing anything halfway--maximalism seems to be built into your personality!  So a bit of obsessiveness when it comes to flattering favorites  seems very reasonable.  Mesh is such  interesting material, isn't it?  Like lace, gauze, or sheer chiffon, it functions like theatrical scrim, to veil and tease and blur edges. Wear your peplums with your marvelous sense of style, and enjoy!   Me, I'm a nut for cashmere.  Can't resist the softness and subtle colors. I would be embarrassed to count my cashmere sweaters, but they always make me happy. I was sitting in a chilly theater last night, so glad that I'd brought my pale pink, featherweight cashmere shawl . . .

  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    Oh I'm the same!! My Golum obsessions have been:

    1) Peplum Tops (I still love & wear them but no longer "obsessed" with them)

    2) Flared jeans

    3) Crossover Tops

    4) Maxi skirts (now totally over this)

    5) Palazzo pants (over them!)

    My current obsessions are:

    1) Tshirt dresses (wear one almost everyday)
    2) Sneakers - both slip-on & laced
    3) Moto Jackets

    Like you, when I'm "over" something, I'm really done. Love your tops!

  • Nadya replied 4 years ago

    Yes! Right now it's silver shoes - I looked for a couple years for a pair and couldn't find the right ones and now I keep finding pairs that fit. Must stop buying them! I'm also enchanted with plaid tunics and dresses right now.

    In the past it's been other things, and I'll think "oh I need that" while practically forgetting the similar things already in my closet. This is a good reminder, to think before we buy, Ledonna!

  • Sally replied 4 years ago

    i get like that about certain items which I go through phases. ..especially when I'm op shopping.  At one time it was coloured jeans and then it was striped tops.  I have to stop myself and say "how many striped tops do you actually need?"

  • Ledonna N. replied 4 years ago

    Thank you all for sharing. It is intresting to read how we do or do not become fascinated with an item. My fascination has lasted a good long while with peplum styles.

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